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Rotatrim Roll Holders, Extension Arms & Scrap Catchers

Rotatrim, made in England, manufactures some of the best around. They are well known in the professional industry for their accuracy, their build quality and more. We offer a great selection of accessories such as roll holders, scrap catchers and extension arms that can be used with a variety of Rotatrim Professional, Rotatrim Technical and Rotatrim PowerTech trimmers. The roll holders are designed to hold dry mount tissue and paper rolls and can be clamped to the back of the paper cutter's baseboard. The scrap catcher helps to keep the work area nice and clean by holding scraps of paper as they are cut, preventing them from falling onto the floor. Extension arms are designed to make cutting larger sheets of paper and material easier by providing additional support. Regardless of what you are cutting, if you own a Rotatrim cutter, you can benefit from these accessories. Buy yours today!

The RotaTrim Roll Holder is an invaluable time-saver when trimming rolled material such as machine-processed prints or dry-mount tissue. Fully adjustable roll cores from 1" to 3.5" in diameter. It clamps to the back of the cutter baseboard and installs in seconds without tools.

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Roll Holder for 12 Inch Cutters


Roll Holder for 15 Inch Cutters


Roll Holder for 17 Inch Cutters


Roll Holder for 24 Inch Cutters


The RotaTrim Scrap Catcher mount to the Floor Stand to collect off-cuts; it keeps the working area clean effortlessly. The easy-to-empty fabric Scrap Catcher is supported by an enameled metal frame which attaches to the Floor Stand. It is available for cutters 30" and longer.

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Waste Catcher for 85 Inch Technical


The extruding aluminum Extension Arm replaces the standard squaring arm, extending beyond the baseboard to help align and measure wider materials. Choose the 24" or 36" length.

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24 Inch Extension Rule for Professional


36 Inch Extension Rule for Professional


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