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AccVacs E 3000 Series External 30

E 3000V 30 Inch Sealer

AccVacs E 3000 Series External 30" Impulse Vacuum Sealer

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Condition: New
Warranty: Free from defects in materials and workmanship for...more

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  • Made in the United States
  • Built-in pressure-gauge
  • Clean room compatible
  • Convenient LCD display panel and digital controls
  • Overheat protection and no-pinch jaw for safety


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Product Description

Don't settle for a cheap department store knockoff when purchasing an external impulse vacuum sealer for your business's daily operations. What you need is something solid, designed to handle the daily rigors of packaging medical equipment, food, parts and other material. One of the most reputable 30" external vacuum sealers we offer is the AccVacs E 3000. This impulse vacuum sealer is currently available in four models. You can buy it as the standard E 3000V, with a gas purge kit as the E 3000G, with dual nozzles as the E 3000D and with a touch screen interface as the T 3000G (with gas purge). This sealer is solid, made using some of the best electronics and parts available. It is designed to be clean room compatible and is very safe to operate (includes a no pinch safety jaw). This sealer features AccVacs digital smart control (for optimal results), a pressure gauge and over heat protection. It even includes a foot switch for convenient hands-free operation. Removing air at 5 cubic feet per minute at 90PSI, this is an excellent option for packaging products in small, medium or large bags. Order yours today!

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AccVacs E 3000 Series External 30" Impulse Vacuum Sealer Specifications:

AccVacs E 3000 Series External 30" Impulse Vacuum Sealer (Excellent with Large Bags)
Packaged Weight 54 lbs.
Seal Length 30 in. ( 762 mm )
Measurements 36 x 12 x 8.5 in. ( 914 x 305 x 216 mm )
Warranty Free from defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years
Packaged Weight 49 lbs. ( 22.2 kg )
Power 120V
Seal Width .25 in ( 6 mm )
Item Number SHKEE3000V-M
Item Number SHKEE3000V
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