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Akiles DuoMac Comb and Wire Binding Machines

Akiles DuoMac-C21

DuoMac Comb and Wire Binding Machines by Akiles

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Condition: New
Warranty: One Year

Price: $699
Retail: $1,049
(Savings $350)


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Akiles DuoMac-C21
Akiles DuoMac-C31


  • Comb opener included.
  • Wire holder for easy inserting of sheets.
  • Open punching throat for easy punching of longer documents.
  • Convenient waste drawer.
  • A side margin control provides and evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
  • Heavy-Duty design by CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) technology.
  • A diameter scale measures document¬ís thickness in order to select best coil /comb size option.
  • With two independent punching die sets, this versatile & easy to use combo binder allows you to punch & bind multiple systems and or different pitches.
  • Depth Margin Control provides the correct punch margin depth for each wire/comb size. Maximizes document tear resistance.


Product Description

The new Akiles DuoMac C31 and C21 are multi-format binding machines. That means the can punch and bind books using two totally different binding formats. This is great for people who want more options in a single binding machine. This eliminates the need to have two different machines. The DuoMac series binding machines are made from solid metal construction and feature disengageable punching pins. Buy yours today!

Service Agreement

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Akiles DuoMac-C21
  • 1 Year Service Plan
  • $104.85
    Akiles DuoMac-C31
  • 1 Year Service Plan
  • $104.85

    DuoMac Comb and Wire Binding Machines by Akiles Specifications:

    Akiles DuoMac Comb and Wire Binding Machines
     Akiles DuoMac-C21 Akiles DuoMac-C31
    Disengaging Punch Pins Yes
    Power Manual
    Warranty One Year
    Packaged Weight 68 lbs.
    Maximum Page Size 14"
    Punching Thickness 20 sheets 20 Sheets
    Maximum Binding Size N/A
    Measurements N/A
    Adjustable Edge Distance Yes
    Pitch Comb and 2:1 Wire Comb and 3:1 Wire

    Product Overview:

    Some purchasers have a difficult time deciding on whether to buy a comb binding machine or to buy a wire binding machine. Comb binding and wire binding both have their benefits and their limitations. Plus, binding machines can be pricey so purchasing two machines can be a financial impracticality. The ideal choice would be to purchase a binding machine that that can do both types of book binding, like the Akiles DuoMac C31 / C21.

    The Akiles DuoMac C31 / C21 are high-performance machines built specifically for companies that do a lot of book binding that requires different binding formats, such as comb or twin wire loop binding. For example, twin-loop binding is a common choice for binding fixed paged projects, like notebooks, journals, ledgers, reports and business proposals. Whereas comb binding is usually used for binding projects where pages will be added or removed after the initial binding is complete. This usually happens with cook books, employee manuals, guides and book manuscripts. It is this multi-format versatility that makes the Akiles DuoMac a popular choice among schools, colleges, print shops, corporate marketing departments, churches, and business development departments.

    The Akiles DuoMac C31 / C21 is also a good choice if you have employees with little experience using binding machines because the operation features tend to simplify and streamline the binding process. The depth margin and side margin controls on the Akiles DuoMac ensure that the all punches are well-centered and are placed at the correct spot along the margin. By keeping the margin punch depths at the optimal spot for binding the machine also reduces the chance of the document tearing through the comb or wire.

    The Akiles DuoMac C31 / C21 have a hole punching capacity of 20 sheets per punch. The punching slot has 14 inch punching capacity with disengageable punching dies so that it can be customized for each job size, and reduces partial perforations along the document edges.

    After the holes have been punched at the appropriate 3:1 or 2:1 pitch, the operator will use the master selector on the Akiles DuoMac C31 / C21 to determine the correct wire or comb diameter, the closing position. The DuoMac also has a feature that will hold the twin wire loop or comb in place as it is being inserted. With all these operator guides and options the DuoMac Binding Machines reduce user error and are practically fool-proof. These binding machines are able to bind documents that are 9/16 of an inch in thickness to 1 1/4 inch in thickness.

    The DuoMac C31 / C21 is made by Akiles Products, Inc. Akilies has been in business since 1993. Located in California, Akiles produces some of the best-selling binding machines, laminating equipment and other office equipment North America and Latin America. Akiles also produces other office equipment like paper trimmers, corner rounding equipment and ID production equipment.

    The DuoMac C31 / C21 binding machine is a heavy-duty binding machine that built from all-metal construction to enhance its durability. It is easy to maintain and should provide many years of use. Buy yours today!
    If you have any questions or concerns, contact a customer service representative today.

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