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VersaMac Super Duty Electric Interchangeable Binding Machine from Akiles

Akiles VersaMac

VersaMac Super Duty Electric Interchangeable Binding Machine from Akiles

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Condition: New
Warranty: One Year Limited

Price: $3,779
Retail: $4,899
(Savings $1,120)

Ships Via Truck


  • Durable ALL Metal Construction: Makes it the most reliable and durable modular binding system in its class.
  • Extra-High Punch Capacity: Up to 55 sheets of 20lb paper per lift. (number of sheets depends on paper weight and punch die pattern)
  • CE Certification: All components certified and approved by CE for the most stringent safety requirements.
  • Oval 4:1 (True Pitch) Punch Die: Rated as the best coil punch pattern by almost all customers, this punch die is available at almost half the price of competitors; comparable offers.
  • U-Shaped Alignment Channel: Aids in conforming the spine of large diameter documents to the coilsÂ’ shape, for easier insertion.
  • Super-Duty Design: Designed with CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) technology for maximum strength and durability.
  • Element Diameter Scale: Measures documentÂ’s thickness in order to select best wire/coil/comb element size option.
  • Extra-Large Waste Drawer with Overfill Window: Reduces overfills of paper chips while providing a clear view of paper chips level.
  • Interchangeable Die with Fully Disengageable Pins: Quickly and easily change from one punch pattern to another. Fully Disengageable Pins guarantee a clean punch for any paper size.
  • Innovative Quiet/Quick Punch Operation: Streamlines operations.
  • Industrial-Grade Punch Motor: Induction AC motor (400 W) with high heat resistant electromagnetic break, for years of trouble-free operation.
  • Extra Wide 14" Single punching length with Open Ends: Enables easy punching for Legal size sheets, as well as even longer sheet sizes.
  • Choice of Many Standard & Special Punch Dies: Available in various shapes (Oval / Round / Square / Rectangular), pitches ( 2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1 / 5mm / 6mm / comb). Ask for more details.
  • Built-in Anti-Jam (Reverse) Features: Automatic & Manual anti-jam features provide maximum assurance to avoid downtime.
  • LED Diagnostic Lights: Indicates critical information to the operator.
  • Wire Holder: Holds wire in place for easier inserting of sheets.
  • Foot Pedal or Manual Punch Operation: Allows each operator to choose his/her most comfortable operating mode.
  • Adjustable Depth Margin: Available for almost all punch dies, this key feature provides the correct punch margin depth for each element size.
  • Height-adjustable Non-Skid Feet
  • Side Margin Control: Provides a centered punch for all documents.
  • Ships Via Truck


Product Description

Akiles is well known for their high quality binding machines. The new Akiles VersaMac is no exception. This durable binding punch is capable of punching up to 55 sheets (depending on the hole pattern) at one time with its electric-powered motor. It uses interchanging punching dies. This means you can three-hole-punch, swap out the die and begin comb punching. A wide variety of punching dies are available, including comb, wire, coil and VeloBind. This machine is very easy to use and is designed for high-volume, continuous punching. Order your Akiles VersaMac today!

Leasing Information

Akiles VersaMacFrom $85/monthRequest a Lease Quote

Options & Accessories:

Akiles VersaMac 3 Hole Die $786
Akiles VersaMac Coil 4:1 Round Die $786
Akiles VersaMac Wire 3:1 Square Die $786
Akiles VersaMac Wire 2:1 Rectangle Die $786
Akiles VersaMac Comb Rectangular Die $786
Akiles VersaMac Velo Die $891
Akiles VersaMac Coil 4:1 Oval Die $891
Akiles VersaMac Wire 3:1 Round Die $891
Akiles VersaMac Wire 2:1 Round Die $891

Service Agreement

Only available on new products shipping within the contiguous 48 states.
Covers non-wearable parts and labor. Click here for more details.

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  • VersaMac Super Duty Electric Interchangeable Binding Machine from Akiles Specifications:

    VersaMac Super Duty Electric Interchangeable Binding Machine from Akiles
    Number of Rings Yes - almost all punching dies
    Disengaging Punch Pins Yes
    Pitch 2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1 / 5mm / 6mm / Comb
    Maximum Page Size 14" (356 mm)
    Measurements 10.5" H x 18" L x 20.5" W
    (267 mm x 457 mm x 521 mm)
    Warranty One Year Limited
    Packaged Weight 121 lbs (55 kg)
    Adjustable Edge Distance --
    Maximum Punch Capacity 35 - 55 sheets
    Power Induction AC motor (400 W)

    VersaMac Binding Machine Video

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