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HOME » Paper Cutters » Best Paper Cutters for Scrapbooking

Best Paper Cutters for Scrapbooking

One huge component in scrapbooking is paper cutters. They are used to cut down paper, photographs, decorations and more. Finding a good scrapbook paper cutter can seem like a difficult task, but there are some great options out there. Unfortunately there are a lot of cheap paper cutters out there that ultimately break after short periods of use. Here are a few questions you may want to look over prior to purchasing a scrapbook paper cutter to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

What type of scrapbook paper cutter is best to use?

  • Carl RT-200 Cutter Rotary Paper Cutters - Rotary paper cutters are by far the most popular cutters used for scrapbooking. This is because they are good for specialized and precise cuts on paper and photographs. Rotary cutters range in size and quality. A great all-round scrapbook rotary paper cutter is the Carl RT-200. This paper cutter includes a straight-cut blade, but can be used with optional pattern blades.

    Carl CC-10 Cutter If space is an issue, or the Carl RT-200 is just more than you need, the Carl CC-10 is a great option. This blade, like the RT-200, is available with several different optional pattern blades. It is handheld and works much like a pizza cutter. Not only can the CC-10 cut paper and photographs, but it can also be used to trim felt and cloth.

    Rotatrim Paper Cutters For those requiring absolute precision for medium to high-volume cutting, Rotarim is the brand to go with. Their professional series cutters use two metal bars to help keep the cutting blade stable. Although these cutters are great for cutting photographs and paper, pattern blades are not available.

  • Arm Paper Cutters Arm / Blade Paper Cutters - Arm cutters, also referred to as blade cutters, cut paper by pulling an arm with a blade attached. These cutters have been around for some time. Although they are not as common for scrapbooking, some people have a preference for these machines. Kutrimmer has been found to be one of the most reliable and precise arm paper cutters.

Which blades are most popular?

The best selling pattern blades that we sell are the B-03 deckle cut blade and the B-08 Victorian blade. The pinking blade, scallop blade and wave blade are also very popular.

Deckle Victorian Pinking Scallop Wave

What other machines do you sell for scrapbooking?

  • Binding Machines Binding Machines - Book binding machines are commonly used to bind scrapbook pages together. Although three-ring binders are still more common, many scrappers like the look of a comb or spiral bound book. You can find our entire selection of book binding machines here.

  • Corner Rounders Corner Rounders - Many scrapbookers like to use a corner rounder to round pages and pictures. We offer small corner rounders, such as the CP-6A and larger capacity corner rounders such as the CR-20 and Diamond 1 corner rounders. The CR-20 and Diamond 1 both have interchangeable cutting blades available.

  • Rotatrim Paper Cutters Hole Punches - Hole punches are commonly used to punch holes in paper for use in a three-ring binder. They are also used to punch holes for binding with yarn and other materials. You can find our selection of paper hole punchers here.