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Stack Paper Cutter Guide

Helping you find the best stack paper cutter!

Stack Paper Cutters Stack paper cutters are the heavy workhorses of the paper cutter industry. These paper cutters are designed to cut a lot of paper at a time. Stack paper cutters are often referred to as guillotine paper cutters due to the position and motion of the blade being reminiscent of the guillotines used during the French revolution.

These paper cutters have a wide range of applications, but are primarily used to cut paper down into smaller sizes. Several different types of stack paper cutters are available in manual, electric and hydraulic designs. The biggest differences between stack cutters are the cutting width and sheet capacity. The most prominent manufacturers of stack paper cutters are Triumph (by Ideal) and Dahle.

This guide will go into more detail on the different types of stack cutters that are available. We hope you can use this information in choosing the best stack paper cutter for your needs. You may also speak with one of our stack paper cutter specialists by calling 1-800-543-5454 or by contacting us online here. You can find our entire selectino of stack paper cutters here.

Types Of Stack Cutters

  • Manual Stack Cutters

    Manual stack paper cutters are operated by pulling a single arm to bring down the blade for a cut. These types of paper cutters have been geared and designed to require very little effort. These paper cutters usually have a manually adjusted backstop for adjusting where the blade comes down on the paper cutter. These types of paper cutters can be used for low to medium volume stack cutting. Some people donít mind using these cutters for higher volume paper cutting, keeping in mind they may break a sweat.

  • Stack Paper Cutters
  • Electric Stack Cutters

    Electric stack cutters are available in semi-automatic and fully-automatic designs. Electric means the cutting blade is powered by an electric motor. The clamping mechanism may be manually set (semi-auto) or electric (fully-automatic). The control panel, among these electric stack cutters, vary from analog to digital. Some fully automated digital stack cutters can save pre-programmed cuts in the memory for repeat jobs. These types of stack cutters range from low and medium to high volume designs.

  • Hydraulic Stack Cutters

    Hydraulic stack cutters use hydraulics to bring down the clamping mechanism, the blade or both (depending on the model). Hydraulic stack cutters are ideal for industrial jobs and extreme repetition and continuous use. These types of paper cutters are used by paper companies to cut sheets of paper down to a size we all use.


Stack paper cutters are very powerful. For this reason, most manufacturers have implemented several safety features to prevent accidental injury. Most stack cutters have a Plexiglas cover that prevents the hands from being in the way. If the cover is up, the cutter will not work. Some higher-end cutters (non-manual) even require that two buttons be pushed simultaneously, with the buttons located on opposite ends of the cutter. This ensures the hands are not in the way. It is still recommended, however, to implement safe practices when operating such a high-end piece of machinery.

Maintenance Tips

Most stack paper cutters will require some basic maintenance to keep running properly. The two biggest components you will have to maintain are the cutting sticks and the cutting blade.

First off, most stack cutters use cutting sticks. Cutting sticks are plastic bars that the cutting blade rests against after completing a cut. This helps prevent damage to the cutting blade. After being used on a frequent basis, these cutting sticks will have to be changed.

The typical cutting stick is square shaped and can be rotated once a side is worn down. Becuase there are four sides to the stick, it can be rotated several times (up to as many as 8 if it is take out and turned 180 degrees). It is a good idea to keep extra cutting sticks on hand.

Stack Paper Cutter Sticks

The cutting blade on the stack cutter will eventually become dull. Luckily, the blades can be re-sharpened and re-used. We recommend that you keep an extra cutting blade on hand to prevent downtime. This way you can keep cutting paper while the dull blade is re-sharpened.

Most manufacturers of stack cutters make it very easy to remove the cover, usually by removing two or so bolts, to gain access to the blade. You can extend the life of your blade by making sure there are no staples or paper clips on the paper being cut as this can nick the blade and cause damage.

Stack Paper Cutter Blade Replacement

Do not worry if your stack paper cutter has suffered more severe issues. We have a fully staffed service department that can service and fix any stack paper cutter we offer on our site, and many that we donít.