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DC-300N Premium Rotary Trimmer from Carl

DC-300N Rotary Cutter

DC-300N Premium Rotary Trimmer from Carl

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Condition: New
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty, does not include consum...more

Price: $75
Retail: $119.69
(Savings 37%)



  • Excellent for scrapbooking.
  • Cuts photos, paper, card stock and more.
  • Calibrated in the factory to be accurate and straight.
  • Luminous clamp makes it easy to see where you are cutting.
  • An included handle makes this cutter portable and easy to move around.
  • Included carbide blade stays sharp longer than traditional steel blades.
  • This cutter is green friendly, made from recycled plastic and metal.


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Product Description

Just look at it! The Carl DC-300N is one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing paper cutters around. Not only does it look great, it also works like a dream. The DC-300N is dead-on accurate, easy to use and offers a huge package of features that make it the ideal choice for scrapbookers, hobbyists, photographers and more! The DC-300N offers an impressive 20 sheet cutting capacity (20lb paper) as well as a long 12” cutting length. This capacity allows you to use the DC-300N to cut plastic sheets, laminated documents, photographs, card stock and much more.

This rotary trimmer can be used on just about any desk or table. A built-in carrying handle makes it easy to pick this cutter up and take it on the road (or move it to another room). Equipped with this cutter, you will be the envy of your friends. It has been pre-calibrated for accuracy, features a light-gathering luminous clamp, has grids and patterns for easy alignment and is made from 100% recycled materials. You won’t be disappointed. Place your order today!

Options & Accessories:

Perforating Replacement Blade $4
Scoring Replacement Blade for the Premium Professional Trimmer $4
Straight Cut Replacement Blade (package of 1) $5
Straight Cut Replacement Blades (package of 2) $8

DC-300N Premium Rotary Trimmer from Carl Specifications:

DC-300N Premium Rotary Trimmer from Carl
Cutting Capacity 20 sheets
Packaged Weight 4 lbs ( 1.8kg )
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty, does not include consumable parts
(i.e. blades and cutting mats), labor, or shipping.
Table Dimensions N/A
Volume Rating Medium
Operation Manual
Cutting Length 12"
Item Number DC300NCUTE
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