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RT-200N Professional Rotary Trimmer

RT-200N Rotary Trimmer

Carl RT-200N 12" Professional "Green" Rotary Paper Trimmer

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Condition: New
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty, does not include consum...more

Price: $38
Retail: $69.99
(Savings 45%)



  • Features a limited lifetime warranty.
  • A luminous paper holder helps gather and amplify light.
  • Carbide rails help keep paper firmly in place during the cutting process.
  • Premium carbide blades hold their edge and precisely cut paper.
  • This cutter is made from recycled materials.
  • The sturdy metal base is calibrated for stability and accuracy.
  • Cuts up to 15 sheets of 20# bond paper.


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Product Description

If you were a fan of the Carl RT-200, youÂ’re going to love the RT-200N. This stylish professional paper trimmer looks great and gets the job done accurately and quickly. To begin with, this paper cutter is environmentally friendly (green), being made from recycled parts. The gray and black design of the cutter, combined with the luminous light-gathering paper holder, makes this trimmer look great just about anywhere.

The RT-200N also touts an impressive premium carbide blade that is designed to stay sharp and accurate. A 15 sheet cutting capacity (based on 20lb paper) makes this trimmer excellent for cutting paper and photographs. It can also be used to trim mat board, card stock, plastic sheets and more. The base of this trimmer has been pre-calibrated for accuracy and includes preset measurements for commons-size items. Lock in this great price and order your Carl RT-200N today!

Options & Accessories:

Carl G-01 Two Replacement Straight Blades $8
Carl G-02 Two Replacement Perforation Blades $9

Carl RT-200N 12" Professional "Green" Rotary Paper Trimmer Specifications:

RT-200N Professional Rotary Trimmer
Packaged Weight 4 lbs ( 1.8 kg )
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty, does not include consumable parts
(i.e. blades and cutting mats), labor, or shipping.
Cutting Capacity 15 sheets
Table Dimensions N/A
Operation Manual
Volume Rating Medium
Cutting Langth 12"
Item Number RT200NCUTE

Product Overview:

If you have ever purchased a scrapbook paper cutter, you may have notice that many of them are made from cheap plastic and use cutting blades that dull after a few cuts. Not only is this frustrating, it is a complete waste of money. One paper cutter that many people are finding to be both affordable and of decent quality is the Carl RT-200N folding machine. There are several reasons why this should be your scrapbook paper trimmer.

Carl manufactures a wide range of cutting devices. This includes rotary trimmers, corner rounders and even paper punches. Their paper cutters are especially popular because they are so affordable and come packed with so many features. The Carl RT-200N continues to be a customer favorite and replaces the popular Carl RT-200.

The newer RT-200N is very similar in setup and design to the older RT-200, but has several impressive additions. To begin with, this paper cutter is made from recycled plastic and metal. While many people claim their products are made from recycled materials, Carl touts the fact that this cutter is COMPLETELY made from 100% recycled materials. This is effectively one of the most green paper trimmers available.

The RT-200 also features a new luminous paper clamp. This clamp has an almost yellow-green appearance to it and is designed to take light and amplify it. This means it makes cutting easy even in low-light environments. It also keeps paper clamped down during the paper cutting process, which means more accurate cuts for you.

So why is this cutter so popular with scrapbookers? For one, it is affordable and fits in with the budget of many scrapbookers, hobbyist and small businesses. Out of the box this cutter will cut through up to 15 sheets of 20# bond paper at a time. This is impressive and means it will easily cut photos, card stock and other paper. Be aware, however, that the thicker the paper the fewer sheets you will be able to cut at a time.

The RT-200N also features the ability to use alternative trimming blades. This includes a scoring blade, perforating blade and even patterned blades like the shortwave blade, pinking blade, scallop blade and many others. In all, there are about 12 different blades available, including the cutting blade. How many paper cutters out there tout that kind of versatility?

The quality on this cutter is very nice. The metal base includes a cutting grid as well as common cutting patterns. This makes it easy to line up photos and paper for a variety of common and repeat cuts. The top of the RT-200N includes a handle for added portability. At only 4 pounds shipped, this trimmer is perfect for scrapbooking paper.

While perhaps not a functional feature, it should also be noted that this paper looks great. It features a black and silver-gray color that looks modern and blends in with existing scrapbooking tools or office equipment. Lock in this great price and buy your Carl RT-200N 12" rotary paper trimmer today!
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