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Carnation CR2 Money Counter with UV, MG and IR Detection

Carnation CR2 Currency Counter

Carnation CR2 Money Counter with UV, MG and IR Detection

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Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year Non-wearable parts and labor

Price: $599



  • Quickly and accurately counts bills up to 1,500 bills per/min.
  • Built-in batch and adding functions make counting money a breeze.
  • Compatible with currencies throughout the world including US, Canadian and Euro.
  • Protects your business from fraud with UV, MG and IR counterfeit detection.


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Product Description

With a top counting speed of 1,500 bills per minute, the Carnation CR2 is a very fast money counting machine. This touch-screen bill counter has a convenient control panel on the right side and an informative display on the left side. Simply set it up for the type of counting you want to perform (BATCH, ADD, etc), put your bills into the hopper (400 capacity) and let them machine do its stuff. The CR2 is fast and extremely accurate at what it does. It can be used to count Canadian, US and Euro currencies as well as many others from around the world. The Carnation CR2 also includes three different counterfeit detection tools. This includes Infrared IR, Magnetic MG and Ultraviolet UV. Each individual bill is scanned to ensure it is legitimate. If a fake bill is detected, the machine will notify the operator. Place your order for the Carnation CR2 money counting machine today!

Service Agreement

Only available on new products shipping within the contiguous 48 states.
Covers non-wearable parts and labor. Click here for more details.

Carnation CR2 Currency Counter
  • 1 Year Service Plan
  • $89.85

    Carnation CR2 Money Counter with UV, MG and IR Detection Specifications:

    Carnation CR2 Money Counter with UV, MG and IR Detection
    Warranty 1 Year Non-wearable parts and labor
    Counting Number Display Four Digit LCD Display
    Power Consumption 75 Watts
    Stacker Capacity 300 new bills
    Power Source 110V, AC 60Hz
    Hopper Capacity 400 new bills
    Counting Speed Up to 1,500 Bills/Min.
    Size of Countable Bills Min: 2" x 4.3" Max: 3.5" x 6.9"
    (Min: 50 x 110mm Max: 90 x 175mm)
    Counterfeit Detection UV, MG, and IR Detection
    Thickness of Countable Bills --
    Feed System Roller Friction System
    Measurements 11.3" x 9.8" x 9.6"
    (287 x 248 x 243 mm)
    Item Number CR2MONE
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