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Binding Machine: Coil Binding Machines

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Spiral and coil binding machines are a great way to professionally bind books, reports and more. Spiral binders are inexpensive and allow books to lie flat for easy reading. Coil binding equipment is available in 4:1 (four holes per inch) and 5:1 (five holes per inch) pitch. Spiral binding has grown in popularity, now that machines are available for in-house production. We have a wide variety of spiral binders to choose from. Order your coil binding equipment, supplies and accessories today!

Manual Spiral/Coil Binding Machines

Manual Spiral/Coil Binding Machines Back Support Belts

We have an amazing selection of manual spiral binding machines. Spiral binding is growing in popular... Read More +

Electric Spiral/Coil Binding Machines

Electric Spiral/Coil Binding Machines Back Support Belts

Save money and speed up your coil binding operations with an electric coil-binding machine from Offi... Read More +

Spiral / Coil Inserters

Spiral / Coil Inserters Back Support Belts

Speed up the spiral binding process with an electric spiral inserter. Whether your spiral binding ma... Read More +

Binding Machine Punches

Binding Machine Punches Back Support Belts

Book binding has just gotten a lot easier with our great selection of binding punches and bases. Mos... Read More +

Spiral / Coil Supplies

Spiral / Coil Supplies Back Support Belts

Coil binding, also referred to as spiral binding, is quickly become one of the fastest growing and m... Read More +

Combination Binding Machines

Combination Binding Machines Back Support Belts

A combination binding machine is capable of using multiple binding elements. The most common combina... Read More +

Binding Covers / Report Covers

Binding Covers / Report Covers Back Support Belts

Our report covers can be used with most binding machines. Presentation covers include clear, cardsto... Read More +

All Coil Binding Machines

All Coil Binding Machines Back Support Belts

View all our coil binding machines. Buy yours today!... Read More +

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