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Coin Roll Crimpers / Tube Wrapper Crimping Machines

If you are a bank, credit union, retail business or organization that deals with a lot of coins and change on a daily basis, you probably roll them in tube wrappers (aka shotgun shells) and crimp the ends shut. This is a great way to organize and keep track of money. When needed, coin rolls can be broken open for easy access. Rather than trying to fold the tube wrapper ends manually, which has a habit of re-opening and making a mess, consider using a coin crimper. These machines are designed to quickly and very efficiently crimp the end of a coin roll tube shut in a matter of seconds. We offer coin crimping machines from Klopp and Semacon. Take advantage of these guaranteed low prices and place your order today!

Coin Crimpers
Klopp CR Series Coin Crimper
Klopp CR Series Coin Crimper
  • Available with 1 or 4 crimping heads of your choice
  • A storage rack is included when ordering more than 1 crimping head
  • Token and foreign crimping heads available upon request
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