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CR-20 Cornerounder® by Lassco

CR-20 Cornerounder®

CR-20 Cornerounder® by Lassco

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Condition: New

Price: $180
Retail: $200
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  • Sheet cutting action is quick and effortless.
  • Includes a convenient right angle push block.
  • Accepts a wide range of sizes of cornerounder cutting dies.
  • Comes with one die of your choice.
  • Perfect for any office or factory.
  • Quickly cuts the corners off of a 1/2" stack of paper.
  • Can be used to cut the corners off of paper and plastic.
  • Features a compact tabletop design.
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Product Description

The Lassco CR-20 Desk Top Cornerounder is the ideal way to add a professional, customized look to most projects at a low cost including: signs, business cards, laminated presentations, awards, and more.
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Lassco CR-20 Corner Rounder Review

Options & Accessories:

1/8 inch Standard Die $107
1/4 inch Standard Die $107
3/8 inch Standard Die $107
1/2 inch Standard Die $107
1/16" Special Die $146
3/32" Special Die $146
3/16" Special Die $146
5/16" Special Die $146
Paper Jogger Model 400 $495
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CR-20 Cornerounder®
  • 1 Year Service Plan
  • $50.00

    CR-20 Cornerounder® by Lassco Specifications:

    CR-20 Cornerounder® by Lassco
    Maximum Capacity 1/2" (13mm)
    Corner Rounder Dimensions 5" x 10-1/2" (12.7 x 26.7cm)
    Packaged Weight 4 lbs. (1.8 kgs)
    Corner Rounder Operation Manual
    Available Radius 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
    Corner Rounder Warranty 90-day warranty, does not include consumable parts, labor, and shipping.
    Item Number CORECR20

    Product Overview:

    If you were to ask a professional which corner rounder is the best desktop model ever designed and built, many would mention the Lassco Wizer CR-20 Cornerounder. This high-end piece of cutting technology has been around for years and has made corner cutting easier for literally thousands of people. What has made this corner rounder so popular?

    To begin with, why do people use corner rounders? For one, it makes business cards, greeting cards, playing cards and other documents look better. It is a very subtle yet dynamic modification. The shape of the corner can be easily changed to meet the radius of your preference. Some people like a very subtle 1/8" corner rounding die, where others like a very bold 1/2" cutting die. Additional custom and special dies are also available.

    The Lassco CR-20 comes with a cutting die of your choice (four different base models available). Additional sizes can be purchased on top of the included die. Changing the dies is extremely easy and many people like to keep several different sizes on hand. Simply pull out the die you don't want and insert the new die. The die slides into a socket-like mount that is extremely sturdy and stable. No special tools are required to change the die.

    This particular corner rounder has been called a corner cutter, corner rounder, cornerrounder and cornerounder. While this may all seem a bit confusing, each of these labels are used interchangeably for the same exact product.

    The CR-20 only weighs a few pounds shipped and easily fits on most desks, tables and countertops. It only measures in at 5" x 10 1/2", which makes great use of often tight space. It is portable, easy to pick up and easy to move. It features all-metal construction for added durability. This cutter does use a plastic top plate that is unbreakable.

    This isn't your typical corner rounder. It can be used to lop the corners off of a stack of paper up to 1/2" thick in a single pass. It can cut through standard 20# bond paper, card stock, laminated material and even some plastics. It can be used to cut paper ranging from just a few inches in size up to 8 1/2" x 11". Larger sheets of paper can be cut on this machine, but it is recommended to upgrade to the CR-50B for larger sheets as it provides added stability. Simply put, the CR-20 is very versatile.

    The CR-20 now also includes a right angle push block, which makes it easy to square up paper prior to cutting.

    It should be mentioned how easy this corner rounder is to use. The cutting handle is angled and lengthened to provide amble leverage on the cutting die, making cutting a 1/2" stack of paper as easy as 3-hole punching 20 sheets of paper using a paper punch.

    This corner rounder rivals just about anything else out there and should be a leading contender for your office corner rounder. Buy yours today!
    If you have any questions or concerns, contact a customer service representative today.

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