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If you like to do a lot of freehand cutting, or you need to protect your table or countertop from nicks and gouges when using a handheld cutter, you should consider using one of our handy cutting mats. These mats are self healing, which means cuts in them will not be visible thanks to multiple layers and precision build quality. Many of our cutting mats include a convenient alignment grid, ruled measurements in inches / metric and much more. We offer cutting mats in different colors, reversible colors and in a clear design. Choose from mats made by Dahle or Alvin. These cutting mats can be used with Xacto knifes, rotary cutters, razor blades and more. Take advantage of our low price guarantee and order your paper cutting accessories today!

Cutting Accessories
Dahle Self-Healing Cutting Mats w/ Ruled Grid
Dahle Self-Healing Cutting Mats w/ Ruled Grid
  • Triple-layered construction.
  • Preprinted guidelines on one side, the other side blank.
  • Self-healing cutting surface.
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