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Display Rack Guide

Applications for a display rack?

Display racks can hold a wide variety of products and are effective for showcasing magazines, brochures, pamphlets, newsletters and other informational media in an orderly and professional manner. Display racks are a common feature in doctor’s offices, schools, businesses, hotels, trade shows and more.

There are several styles of display racks to meet diverse needs; including: racks standing on floors, wall mounted racks, countertop racks and more. Display racks are made from several types of materials and are available in an assortment of distinct colors.

Since there are several types of display racks available, read through this guide and decide which is best for you.

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Things to consider before purchasing a display rack.

What types of media will you display?
Will the display consist of brochures and leaflets, magazines and newsletters, or combinations of both? Display racks are available in many different sizes and dimensions so it is important to select a rack that will fit your literature. This will create a neat and eye-catching presentation, giving your workplace a professional appearance.

The size of your office, lobby or workspace is another consideration. Determine how much room will be available for the display rack. Measure the size of the display rack you want and compare it to the space where the rack will be placed. Be sure it will fit before you purchase it. To accommodate your needs, display racks are available in floor, countertop and wall hanging models.

What color of display rack should you choose?
Display racks are available in an assortment of shapes and colors. Take a look at the room the rack will be placed in. Determine what color scheme you are looking for. Would you a wood finish or a darker color go better with the room? Color samples are available upon request. If you cannot decide on a color, a clear display may be what you are looking for. We also sell rotating display racks that spin around 360 degrees.

What will your future needs be?
You will want to consider what your future needs may be. You won’t want to purchase a display rack only to need another one six months later because you need more room for additional material.

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What are the different types of display racks?

Countertop Display Racks
Countertop display racks offer an attractive exhibit for media on any countertop or table. They are ideal as magazine racks, brochure holders and literature displays. These wooden magazine racks are adjustable and can be set to eight magazine slots and four brochure holders. Our wooden magazine racks are available in a variety of wood and trim colors.

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Wall-Mounted Display Racks
Wall-mounted magazine racks and brochure holders are a good choice if you have limited space. Wall-Mounted models easily organize magazines, catalogues, newsletters and brochures. Some models have adjustable slots for the media you display. These wood display racks can have up to 20 pockets or as few as four pockets. Choose from a variety of wood and trim colors.

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Free Standing Display Racks
Free Standing Display Racks facilitate a display up to 40 magazines or 80 pamphlets. These brochure holders are able to display large amounts of promotional material, making them ideal for travel companies and distributor use. These wooden display racks also make great newspaper racks and book holders. Choose from a variety of wood and trim colors.

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Plastic Wall Mounted Display Racks
Our plastic wall mounted display racks can be arranged in several configurations to fit most magazines, pamphlets, booklets, business cards and literature. These display racks are thermoformed in one piece thus eliminating sharp edges and corners. Full-sized face panels keep slot contents from sliding out the bottom. Made with quality PETG plastic, these display racks have ultimate durability and resistance to breakage. Pre-drilled holes, screws and anchors are included for easy mounting.

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Plastic Corner-Mounted Display Racks
Plastic corner-mounted display racks optimize unused corner space as they display magazines, pamphlets, newspaper, brochures and other informative literature. The pockets are made of sturdy, break-resistant polycarbonate and have clear plastic backings. All corner-mounted display racks are shipped pre-assembled with pre-drilled holes, screws and anchors for easy mounting. Deep pockets hold up to two-inches of printed material.

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Plastic Rotating Display Racks
A high-quality, transparent, acrylic display is ideal for exhibiting magazines, pamphlets, and literature while saving space. All our rotating display racks spin smoothly so magazines won’t jumble. Deep pockets can hold approximately two-inches of printed material. These display racks fit any office's needs.

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Newspaper Stands
Wooden newspaper stands are durable and add a touch of class to any media display. They come in a variety of wood finishes with a choice of gold, silver, or matching trim. Wooden racks are perfect for keeping newspapers neatly stacked and well organized.

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Metal Literature Display Racks
Our durable metal display racks are offer versatility, either wall-mount or leave it free standing. Available with four to nine pockets, the oversize design makes these displays great books, catalogues, magazines, newsletters, or atlas holders. Choose from several designs.

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