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If you need a fast, accurate and efficient way to fold paper, you need a paper folding machine. These compact machines are designed to be used in the office or on a desk. Depending on the model, paper folding machines can be used to create some of the most common folds including the letter fold, accordion fold, half fold, double parallel fold and much more. We offer a huge lineup of machines from compact deskside models to full on industrial paper folding machines designed to fold tens of thousands of sheets per day. Popular brands include Martin Yale, Intelli-Fold, Formax, Duplo and many others. We offer a wide range of manual setup and fully automatic paper folding machines.

We also offer a great selection of other mailroom equipment including envelope inserting machines, pressure sealers, paper scoring machines, pressure seal forms, business envelopes and much more. We offer guaranteed low prices on our entire lineup, so please feel free to call us at 1-800-543-5454 for answers to questions or to match a price. We also have a Service Department that backs up every product we offer. Place your order today!

Paper Folders (Air Feed)

Paper Folders (Air Feed) Back Support Belts Back Support Belts

Air feed paper folding machines are particularly effective at folding slick, glossy and coated paper... Read More +

Friction Feed Folding Machines

Friction Feed Folding Machines Back Support Belts Back Support Belts

One of the most effective and affordable paper folding machines available are those that use frictio... Read More +

Pressure Sealers

Pressure Sealers Back Support Belts Back Support Belts

If you deal with pressure-activated paper, you should look at our pressure sealers. These machines a... Read More +

Paper Scorers

Paper Scorers Back Support Belts

If you need to score or crease thick card stock, consider one of our scoring machines. These paper s... Read More +

Envelope Inserters

Envelope Inserters Back Support Belts Back Support Belts

Our envelope inserting machines, often called folder inserters, take your paper, fold it, insert it ... Read More +

Paper Folder Accessories

Paper Folder Accessories Back Support Belts

Do you need to cut down on static electricity, clean your paper folding machine's rubber rollers or ... Read More +

Business Envelopes

Business Envelopes Back Support Belts

These are some of the finest quality business envelopes you will find. Our great lineup includes #9 ... Read More +

Pressure Seal Checks

Pressure Seal Checks Back Support Belts

Our pressure seal checks are compatible with most pressure sealers, including those made by Formax. ... Read More +

Pressure Seal Forms

Pressure Seal Forms Back Support Belts

Do you need self-sealing forms for your pressure sealer? At Office Zone we offer an excellent select... Read More +

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