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Paper Folder Inserter FAQ - Machines & Equipment

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In a few short words, what does a paper folder inserter do?

Folder inserters take paper, fold it and insert it into an envelope. Most machines will even seal the envelope for you. Some higher end models will also insert a return envelope and other material as well.

Can I use any envelope with a folder inserter?

Many, but not all, envelopes will work with a folder inserter. It is highly recommended to send envelope samples in ahead of time to have them tested. Some envelopes simply will not work with a folder inserter due to their design. You can send in samples to have them tested by calling us at 1-800-543-5454 or by filling out this form.

Can I use glossy paper with my folder inserter?

It depends on how glossy the paper is, the type of paper being used and several other factors. Folder inserters use friction-feed rollers to pull paper through the machine. If these rollers slip on the paper, it could jam. Many features have been built into the Formax folder inserters to help them handle a variety of paper types. To be certain, I would send in a sample of the glossy paper to be tested ahead of time.

Can I use cardstock with my folder inserter?

You will not be able to use cardstock with most of our paper folder inserters. Most of our machines will not handle paper thicker than 34#, which is thicker than standard copy paper, but is not as thick as many cardstocks out there.

Can I create custom folds?

Our paper folder inserters from Formax will allow you to create and save several custom folds. These machines are very easy to set up.

How many pieces of paper can I insert into an envelope?

This depends entirely on the machine you purchase. Entry level models will insert one sheet of paper, where higher end models will insert multiple sheets of paper with return envelopes, coupons and other material.

Paper Folder Inserters from Formax

Can I upgrade my folder inserter to handle more sheets?

You cannot upgrade your folder inserter. If you purchase a two-sheet model, you will not be able to insert more than two sheets. It is very important to not only get a folder inserter that works for you now, but that will also be able to handle your future needs.

How do I use a paper folder inserter?

We have a detailed video demo of the Formax FD 6202 that you can watch here. It is very similar to the other models we sell. If you know how to use the FD 6202, you will have no problem setting up and using our other paper folder inserters.