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HOME » Business Card Cutters » How To Choose The Best Business Card Cutter

How To Choose The Best Business Card Cutter

Business Card Cutters & Slitters Business card cutters are a great way to create business cards on the fly and save money by creating your own cards in house. Business card cutters, also known as slitters, are compact and typically fit on a desk. Whether you are a small business just starting out, or a larger organization, you can benefit from using a business card cutter. Before making your purchase, you may want to ask yourself the following questions.

How many cards would you like to create?

The machine you purchase will partially depend on the amount of cards you want to create. If you will only be making a few dozen a week, a manual "hand crank" model like the Cardmate may be just what you need. If you will be creating hundreds of cards a week, the Martin-Yale BCS410 might be a better option.

What type of paper will you use?

Most business card cutters use friction to pull in paper. High gloss paper has the tendency to slip on these friction wheels and cause a paper jam. It is a good idea, if you are using glossy paper, to have it tested on a machine prior to making a purchase. Also be aware that most business card cutters will accept up to a certain paper thickness. Make sure the machine you purchase will handle the card stock you want to use for business cards.

What type of printer should you use?

Any inkjet or laser printer can be used to print business cards. It is very convenient. Be sure, however, that your printer can print the card template that your business card cutter cuts.

Which business card template should you use?

There are two major business card templates. These are 10-up and 12-up. The 10-up pattern prints 10 cards on a sheet of paper and the 12-up pattern prints 12 cards on a sheet of paper. A 10-up pattern is more universally compatible with printers as some cannot print the 12-up patter without cutting off some of the cards. A gutter cut is also common in a 10-up and 12-up pattern. Gutter Cut Business Card Cutter

What is a gutter cut?

A gutter cut is a special template that allows ink bleed over the business card’s borders without ruining or affecting other cards on the template. This allows for full color, edge to edge printing.

Is there additional equipment I will need?

Many people who are creating thousands of business cards opt out of using a traditional business card cutter for a stack paper cutter. Stack paper cutters use a large blade to cut hundreds of sheets of paper at once. You can see an example of some here.