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How To Choose The Best Check Signer

Check & Document Signers Check signers, sometimes referred to as document signers, quickly and efficiently sign paper in seconds. Hundreds of sheets of paper can be signed in a short amount of time. Check signers are especially nice for larger corporations and businesses that need to sign a lot of checks in a short amount of time. The time saved, versus manually signing the documents, is invaluable. Smaller businesses and organizations can also benefit from using a check signer. Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself prior to purchasing your document signer.

How many documents or checks will you be stamping?

Check signers range quite a bit in speed and the volume they can handle. Some check signers are more manual, and can stamp a check as quickly as you can remove one and insert another. Most, however, are very automated and pull the checks in automatically. Some run as fast as 325 signatures a minute!

What type of paper will you be using with your check signer?

Check signers are broken up into cut sheet and continuous forms. Cut sheet check signers are designed to be used with standard cut / individual sheets of paper. Continuous forms check signers use accordion-style paper that is connected by a perforation that can later be torn apart. They usually also have perforated side margins with tiny holes, much like the old computer paper that was used in the later part of the 20th century.

If signing checks, how large are they?

Checks vary in size. The most common size of a check is a 3 -inches long. Most document signers will allow the position of the signature and spacing between checks to be adjusted. Be sure to check the "specifications" of the check signer to determine if it will handle your check size. Check signers will tell you the maximum and minimum length and width they will handle.

Do you have color requirements for the ink?

Most document signers are available with your choice of ink. This is usually black, red, green and tri-color. The color you choose is purely based on preference, although some documents are required to be signed in a particular color. The tri-ink roller is usually used to cut down false signatures.

Are check signers secure?

Yes. Check signers require a key to access the signature plate and most check signers require a pass code to be entered before the machine can even be used.

Where do I get signature plates?

We can get you signature plates for your check signer. We have a form that you can fill out and send to us, after which we can get a plate made. You can find our signature plate form here.

Do you require a forms burster?

Some checks have to be torn apart after being signed. We have several bursters that are designed to operate in conjunction with a check signer. This is very convenient for sending out checks and other signed material to employees and customers.