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HOME » Paper Collators » How To Choose A Paper Collator

How To Choose The Best Paper Collator

Paper Collators Tired of peeling a sheet off of separate stacks of paper to create a report, test or other document? Consider using a paper collator. Paper collators help organize and collate stacks of paper in seconds. Most collators are compact, easy to set up and last for years. The amount of time and money saved easily justifies the investment in a collating machine. There are a few important questions you will want to ask yourself before purchasing a collator.

How much paper would you like to collate?

There are several collators available depending on how much paper you would like to collate per day, week or month. Manual machines, like the Martin Yale CL6, are designed for low-volume jobs. Each collator’s product page will tell you in the specifications how many sheets per hour it can collate. Be sure you get a machine that can properly handle the amount of paper you want to collate now and in the future.

How many different stacks of paper would you like to collate at a time?

Collators are available with different quantities of paper bins. The more stacks of paper you want to collate the more bins you will need. Some collators are capable of collating up to six stacks of paper where other high-end machines can collate up to 20. The 20 bin collators usually consist of two 10-tower collators that have been linked together for higher output.

What size of paper would you like to collate?

Check out the maximum and minimum paper sizes the collator can handle. Some can only handle up to an 8 ½ x 11-inch sheet of paper, where others can go up to 12 x 14 inches. Most collators can handle a range of paper sizes.

What type of paper will you be collating?

Collators use a friction roller to pull paper into the machine for collating. If the paper is too glossy, the roller may slip and cause a paper jam. If you are concerned that your paper may not work, send in a sample for testing. We have several machines on our showroom floor that we can test samples on.

Will you be creating booklets?

Some paper collators can be interfaced with a booklet maker for streamlined jobs. Once the paper stacks are removed from the printer, they can be put in the collator bins where they are collated and automatically fed into the booklet maker. The entire process is quick and efficient.

Are there additional accessories you may need?

Stapler Attachment - Some collators feature a stapler attachment that can staple a collated stack of paper in the corner. This can be very convenient versus manually stapling the stacks.

Collator Base - Some collators can be purchased with an optional base. The base is nice if you don’t have a counter or table available for the collator. The table also sets the collator a little lower than a common countertop, making the machine a little easier to access.