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HOME » Paper Drills » How To Choose The Best Paper Drill

How To Choose The Best Paper Drill

Paper Drills Paper drills are specialized machines designed to quickly put holes in large stacks of paper. Have you ever wondered how lined paper for 3-ring binders gets those holes? It is from a paper drill. These machines are easy to use and save valuable time. There are several different styles and types of paper drills. Here are a few questions that have been asked by customers, including questions that may help you make a decision on the right model for you.

How many sheets of paper would you like to drill through at a time?

All paper drills are designed to drill through large stacks of paper, but some can only drill up to two-inches of paper, where some higher-end models can drill through three-plus inches of paper. Be sure your paper drill handles the volume you require.

How large is the paper you are drilling?

If you are only drilling 8 ˝ x 11-inch paper, almost any paper drill will work for you. If you need to drill holes in paper larger than that, be sure to check the product’s specifications to gauge the maximum length it can handle.

How many holes would you like to drill at a time?

Paper drills are typically designed in one and three spindle designs. All paper drills can drill three holes, but a three-spindle hole can do three-hole drilling three times faster than a single hole drill. If time is a factor, you may want to consider a three-spindle paper drill. Paper Drill Bits

Do you require a particular hole diameter?

Paper drills are usually available with different diameter drill bits. These drill bits are typically interchangeable, which is nice. Some customers only purchase one, but others like to have several sizes on hand.

Can you use a paper drill bit with a normal drill press?

This is a very common question and the answer is no. Paper drill bits are hollow, allowing the paper holes to travel up the hollow shaft into a catch tray. A standard drill press cannot accommodate this. It is also very hard to get a standard drill press to properly fit the drill bit.

Is there an alternative to using a paper drill?

There are some heavy-duty paper punches capable of punching a lot of paper at once. An example of this is the FP-1 paper punch (found here), which can punch through 300 sheets at a time. A manual paper punch, however, does not operate at nearly the same speed as a paper drill. Paper Drill Sharpeners

How to you sharpen the drill bits?

There are special paper drill bit sharpeners designed specifically for this purpose. There are several different models and styles, which can be found here.

Are there other accessories I need to keep a paper drill in top condition?

Paper drills, in order to cut down on heat, can use drill wax. This helps cut down on friction and cuts down on smoke and heat. We also have a great selection of replacement maple inserts and drill blocks.