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HOME » Paper Perforators & Scorers » How to Choose A Paper Perforator / Scorer

How to Choose The Best Paper Perforator / Scorer

Paper perforators are designed to create perforations in paper, either for making it easier to fold or tear. Perforating machines are ideal for creating coupons, fliers and other marketing material. They can also be used to perforate larger sheets of printed material for a variety of applications.

Paper scorers create a crease in paper and are actually sometimes referred to as paper creasers. These are great for creasing card stock, standard paper and lightweight cardboard for folding, bending and other applications. This could be for marketing material, retail packaging and more.

Many paper perforators can also be used as paper scorers by swapping out the perf wheels with scoring wheels. There are also stand-alone perforators and stand-alone scorers. There are a few questions you will want to ask yourself before purchasing a machine.

How many sheets will you be perforating or scoring?

The machine you purchase will depend a lot on the amount of paper you need to perforate or score. Many people purchase manually operated machines not realizing how hard it is to create high-output. It is important to realize that manually operated perforators, such as the Score II, are designed for low-volume use. Although they are great machines, they really won’t get the job done if you are perforating more than a few dozen items per day. The same goes for paper scorers.

If you need to perforate or score a large amount of paper, you really should consider purchasing an automated electric machine. Also be aware that the smaller machines are usually ideal for one or two perforations or creases on a sheet of paper, where the larger machines can create multiple perforations or creases. Some perforators come with the option of choosing between several different perforating wheels, some capable of creating micro perforations.

What size paper will you be perforating or scoring?

Every machine has a minimum and maximum capacity. Look at the paper you are perforating and scoring and take measurements. Determine what the smallest and largest sizes are. Each machine we sell will let you know, on the product page, what the minimum and maximum specifications are. Take into consideration what your current and future perorating and scoring needs will be. Paper Perforators & Scorers

How thick is the paper you need to perforate or score?

Different machines are capable of handling different thicknesses of paper. As you may imagine, the thicker the paper the harder it is on the machine. Our machines will specify, on the product page, the maximum and minimum thicknesses they can handle. Running a sheet of paper that is too thick for the machine could potentially damage it or cause a serious jam.

Where do you want to put your machine?

Check out the dimensions of the perforator or scorer prior to making a purchase. Make sure you have enough room on a table, desk or countertop. While most of our machines are pretty compact, you don’t want to end up with a machine and nowhere to put it.