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HOME » Paper Slitters / Form Cutters » How To Choose A Paper Slitter / Form Cutter

How To Choose The Best Paper Slitter / Form Cutter

Paper Slitters & Form Cutters Paper slitters, also known as form cutters, are designed to take a stack of paper and cut it down to a particular size. This is usually done one sheet at a time by means of a feed tray. Some form cutters can create multiple cuts at a time by using several cutting wheels. Slitters are great for cutting down tickets, marketing material and more. There are a are few questions you will want to ask yourself and address prior to making a purchase.

How many sheets of paper do you need to cut down per day, week?

Paper slitters are broken down by how fast they can operate. The speed can also be affected by the amount of cuts being done per sheet of paper. Be sure to check out the specifications of the form cutter you’re interested in prior to making a purchase. Also take into consideration if that volume will increase later down the road.

What type of paper are you cutting?

Paper varies a lot, in finish and in thickness. A big factor with paper is the thickness, which in the United States is measured in pounds. Standard copy paper is usually around 20# in thickness. The thicker the paper, the more taxing it is on the machine. Check the maximum and minimum thickness the slitter can handle. Also be aware that some paper, which a highly glossy finish, can cause problems with some friction-feed machines. The rollers will sometimes slip on the paper. If you have any doubts, feel free to call one of our specialists at 1-800-543-5454.

What size of paper are you cutting?

Different machines are capable of handling different sizes of paper. Standard paper size is 8 ˝ x 11, but many projects used with form cutters will exceed that size. Be sure the machine you need can accommodate both your largest and smallest sheet sizes.

How many cuts would you like to create per pass?

Some paper slitters are only capable of making one cut per pass of paper, sometimes requiring multiple passes to get the job done. Some higher-end machines are capable of making multiple cuts, with some even able to make horizontal and vertical cuts in one single pass. The more passes you have to make, the longer it will take to get the job done.

Where will you keep it?

Be sure you have a table or counter space available for your machine. We try to state the physical dimensions of the machines on their individual product pages. Most machines are fairly compact, but you definitely want to make sure you have a place for the machine before making a purchase.