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HOME » Paper Staplers » How To Choose The Best Paper Stapler

How To Choose The Best Paper Stapler

Letter Openers Paper staplers, whether they are for the office of for industrial use, are an important part of almost everyone’s lives. They are typically used to organize and bind paper together. They are used almost everywhere, including schools, churches, at home and more. Staplers come in a variety shapes and sizes. Finding the best stapler can be daunting at first. We have come up with a list of questions you can ask yourself prior to making a purchase.

How many sheets of paper would you like to staple?

Whether you are using a small desktop stapler, or an industrial electric stapler, you will want to be sure the model you purchase can handle the amount of paper you want to staple. On each of our stapler product pages, you can find the maximum number of sheets a stapler can handle listed under the "specifications." Be sure to take into consideration not only what you are stapling now, but what you will be stapling in the future.

How often will you be stapling?

Many office staplers are only used for stapling the occasional paper on a desk, or for stapling together a report. If you are planning on stapling a large quantity of proposals, or packaging for a retail product, a desktop stapler probably won’t cut it. If you are using a stapler more than a few dozen times a day, you may want to consider an electric stapler. Electric paper staplers are quick and efficient. Many have an automatic trigger that staples every time a sheet of paper is inserted, and others have a foot pedal for hands-free operation.

What type of stapling would you like to do?

The stapler you get will depend on the job you are doing. Two of the most common stapling jobs are flat and saddle stapling. Flat stapling means the paper will remain in a flat position while being stapled. Saddle stapling involves folded paper, usually a single fold, where the paper is stapled down the crease or spine. This is often used for stapling together magazines or booklets.

Manual and electric staplers are available for both flat and saddle stapling. Most staplers can handle flat stapling. A few unique staplers include the Lassco W-115 stapler, which is a manually operated saddle stapler. The Rapid 106 stapler is an example of an electric stapler that can do both flat and saddle stapling. Staplex, a manufacturer of staplers, creates a wide variety of staplers for a variety of custom jobs, including staplers that attach cardboard (chipboard) header cards to plastic / poly bags.

For custom quotes for custom Staplex staplers, call us at 1-800-543-5454 or e-mail us at

Are there any stapler accessories?

Stapler accessories include stapler removers and stapler stands. You can see our entire selection of stapler accessories here. This list is continuously being updated. We also offer a wide selection of staples, which can usually be found on the stapler product page.