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HOME » Mail Tabber » How To Choose The Best Mail Tabbing Machine

How To Choose The Best Mail Tabber Machine

Mail Tabbers Mail tabbers are an invaluable tool for mailing literature. They save money by eliminating the need for envelopes. Mail tabbers are used to quickly close marketing material, mailers, newsletters and other literature for mailing purposes. These machines typically use round or rectangular tabs, either clear or white in color. Before purchasing a mail-tabbing machine, you may want to browse through a few common questions.

How many documents will you be tabbing per day?

Some mail tabbers place a tab on folding literature as it is placed in the machine, where others allow the operator to set down an entire stack of literature for automated tabbing. Most mail tabbers will specify a motor speed. Typically the faster the motor the more documents it will be able to tab. For more information on actual duty cycles, call 1-800-543-5454 to speak with a tabbing specialist or you can e-mail

What size of paper are you tabbing?

Tabbers can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of paper and where the tab is placed. Most product pages will let you know what sizes of paper the tabber can accommodate and exactly what adjustments can be made. Most mail tabbers are very versatile and can work with a wide range of paper. Be aware, however, that some highly glossy documents may be problematic as the slippery surface may cause paper jams. If you are concerned about your glossy paper, samples can be mailed in for testing prior to making a purchase.

Are tabbers easy to set up?

The manual tabbers, that place tabs as the paper is fed in, are very easy to use and set up. Some of the higher end machines will require a little fine-tuning at first, but do not require any special follow-up settings. We do have a service department that can offer phone support and we also offer the option of on-site training if needed.

Are the tabs perforated?

Tabs can be purchased perforated or non-perforated. Mail tabs are also available in plastic and paper. Most people who mail literature prefer the perforated tabs because it is easier for the recipient to open the mail. Most mail tabbers will work fine with either style of tab. We have heard from some customers that perforated tabs are not permitted by their local post offices. Be sure to check with your local post office prior to purchasing perforated tabs. If perforated tabs are not permitted, paper tabs are almost as easy to open.

Do mail tabbers fold paper prior to tabbing?

They do not. Most mail tabbers require that the literature be folded prior to being tabbed. This is most commonly done by means of a paper folder. Some higher end machines, such as the Duplo DT-900, can be interfaced with a paper folder for streamlined folding and tabbing. These machines are ideal, if not a necessity, for high volume mailing.