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Home > I-Bar Shrink Wrap Machines > How To Use An I-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine

How To Use An I-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine

What is an I-bar shrink wrapper?

I-Bar shrink wrappers are a type of shrink-wrap machine that uses a single bar to seal shrink-wrap film. Three total passes are typically required to seal all sides of the film around a package.

I-Bar shrink wrappers are very popular with video rental shops who sell used DVDs and CDs. These types of shrink-wrap machines are also very popular with low to mid-volume shrink wrapping. The end result looks great, but it does take longer to package a product with this type of machine than with an L-bar shrink-wrap machine, which seals three sides in one pass.

The advantage of an I-bar shrink wrapper is the ability to move and manipulate the shrink film around a product with ease. You can also seal multiple angles around a product and are not limited to a four-sided pattern. I-bar systems are also not limited to a tunnel height, unless a tunnel is being used to shrink the film. Most I-bar shrink wrap systems use a heat gun, which looks a lot like a hair drier, to shrink the film.

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Differences between I-bar shrink wrappers.

Most I-bar shrink wrappers are similar in operation. The biggest difference is the length of the I-bar. They typically range from 13 to 40-inches long. The length of the I-bar system depends entirely on what you will be shrink wrapping. For DVDs and CDs, you typically won’t need anything bigger than 13-inches. For software boxes and other packaging, you will probably need something longer.

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How to use an I-bar shrink wrapper

Shrink wrapping a product using an i-bar shrink wrapper is very easy. Here are a few simple steps that may help you with your machine.


1. First, make sure you have selected the right size and type of shrink film for the job you will be doing.

2. Turn the machine on.

3. Insert the product you will be packaging into the center fold shrink film.

4. Seal all three sides, all four if this is the first time you have used the roll of film.

5. Use the heat gun to shrink the film around the package.

6. Inspect the finished product and move on to the next.

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Types of shrink wrap supplies.

SHRINK FILM: Office Zone has a great selection of both PVC and Polyolefin shrink wrap film. You can find our entire selection of shrink film by going here: shrink wrap film

I-BAR REPAIR KITS: Not only do we have a service department that can fix your shrink wrap machines, but we also sell replacement wire and teflon tape kits that you can purchase and use for your own do-it-yourself repairs. You can find our I-bar repair kits here: shrink wrap repair kits

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Video demos of I-bar shrink wrap machines.

We have a great selection of I-bar shrink wrap video demos for you to watch. These videos should help you get your new machine up and running or give you a good idea on what's involved before making a purchase.

VIDEO 1: Traco I-Bar Super Sealer

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