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Intelli-Bind™ I23W Wire Binding Machine from Intelli-Zone™

Intelli-Bind I23W

Intelli-Bind™ I23W Wire Binding Machine from Intelli-Zone™

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This Item Has Been Discontinued

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  • Electric punch with manual wire closer
  • Adjustable margin depth
  • Disengaging punch pins
  • Punches up to 20 sheets
  • Handles both 2:1 and 3:1 pitch wire


Product Description

Easily punch and bind both 2:1 and 3:1 pitch wire with the durable Intelli-Bind I23W from Intelli-Zone. This wire binding machine includes two electric punching dies. One die has a 3:1 pitch hole pattern (three holes per inch) and the other has a 2:1 pitch hole pattern (two holes per inch). This is perfect for those who don’t want to settle on one format. The I23W is made from durable metal construction and is perfect for copy shops, printing presses and offices that need a machine for daily use. The I23W has an adjustable wire closer and an adjustable punching depth. Save money and buy your Intelli-Bind I23W today!

Intelli-Bind™ I23W Wire Binding Machine from Intelli-Zone™ Specifications:

Intelli-Bind™ I23W Wire Binding Machine from Intelli-Zone™
Packaged Weight 85 lbs.(38.6 kg.)
Adjustable Edge Distance Yes
Power 110V 60Hz
Maximum Binding Size 1" (25.4 mm)
Disengaging Punch Pins Yes
Maximum Page Size Arbitrary
Warranty 1 year limited
Punching Thickness 20 sheets (80 gsm)
Number of Rings 27 holes (2:1 pitch), 40 holes (3:1 pitch)
Measurements 18 1/8" x 23 5/8" x 9 13/16" (460 x 600 x 250 mm)
Item Number EI23WBINW

Product Overview:

Most companies will spend a lot of money each year on branding and image building in order to project a positive and strong impression to stakeholders, investors and customers. So why would a company want to risk that investment in their reputation by distributing prospectus, quarterly reports, professional journals, legal documents and other printed trade materials that look like they were put together by a high school student? External documents that are attached with staples down the margins just are not going to cut it.

It is imperative that documents are bound using a book binding machine, such as the Intelli-Bind I23W electric wire binding machine. By using the Intelli-Bind I23W wire binding machine the documents that will be sent out will have a professional appearance, and each page of the document will be secured in place. The Intelli-Bind I23W is a wise choice for corporations that will do their own in-house binding, or for copy shops that bind documents for clients.

The Intelli-Bind I23W is an electric twin loop wire binding machine that holds the pages of a document or book together by securing a double loop wire through the margin. The wire loop makes it easy for readers to turn through the pages and peruse the information without fear of individual sheets falling out.

Whether the user is an experienced book binder or a novice, the Intelli-Bind I23W wire binding machine is extremely easy to operate. The user places a stack of up to 20 sheets of paper into the hole punching mechanism on the binding machine. The punching dies can be disengaged and the margins on the machine can be adjusted to accommodate various sizes of paper. The user can also adjust the hole pitch to different ratios to compensate for the size of wire being used. The Intelli-Bind I23W wire binding machine will punch holes at a 2-holes-per-inch or 3-holes-per-inch ratio. Once the user has adjusted the machine to the appropriate settings for the document then the user simply presses a button to activate the electric punching mechanism. As fast as the user can blink, the binding machine places a precise series of clean holes down the margin of the document.

After the holes are punched then the user can use the manual inserter to place the wire through the holes and complete the binding process. The wire closer on the Intelli-Bind I23W binding machine can be adjusted to fit the width of the document. This is a heavy duty, high capacity binding machine that is able to bind documents, notebooks, text books, study guides, ledgers and other printed materials that are 250 pages, or one inch thick.

The Intelli-Bind I23W Electric Twin Loop Wire Binding Machines are the product of Intelli-Zone, a new manufacturer of high quality office machines and equipment. According to their website, Intelli-Zone produces high quality binding equipment designed to help save businesses time and money by providing an efficient and effective way to streamline operations found in most businesses and organizations. The popular product line of office equipment includes binding machines, folding machines, laminators and paper cutters.

The ease of use and adaptable book production features make this wire binding machine a good choice for schools, business offices, churches, universities or commercial print shop. Purchase an Intelli-Bind I23W Electric Twin Loop Wire Binding Machine today!
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