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Intelli-Bind™ I3CB Wire / Comb Binding Machine from Intelli-Zone™

Intelli-Bind I3CB

Intelli-Bind™ I3CB Wire / Comb Binding Machine from Intelli-Zone™

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Condition: Used
Warranty: 1 year limited

Price: $528.32
Retail: $857.50
(Savings $329.18)



  • Disengaging punch pins
  • Punches up to 20 sheets
  • Handles both 3:1 wire and plastic comb binding elements
  • Foot pedal for hands-free electric punching
  • Manual wire closer and manual comb opener


Product Description

The new Intelli-Bind I3CB from Intelli-Zone is a durable and well-built multi-format binding machine capable of binding documents in 3:1 pitch wire, 19-ring Spiral-O wire or 19-ring comb. It includes two electric punching dies, a manual wire closer and a manual comb opener. This machine is designed for daily use and is made from metal construction. The build quality is excellent. A foot pedal makes it possible for hands-free operation. Whether you own a copy shop or need to bind literature in the office, the Intelli-Bind I3CB is perfect for you! Buy yours today!

Service Agreement

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Intelli-Bind I3CB
  • 1 Year Service Plan
  • $79.25

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    Intelli-Bind I3CB
    Price: $61
    Measurements 14 9/16" x 5 1/2" x 9 1/16" (370 x 140 x 230mm) 16 1/2" x 13" x 3 9/16" (420 x 355 x 90mm) 16 1/2" x 13 13/16" x 9 1/16" (420 x 350 x 230mm) 16 15/16" x 12 9/16" x 7 1/16" (430 x 320 x 180 mm) 18 1/8" x 23 5/8" x 9 13/16" (460 x 600 x 250 mm)
    Maximum Binding Size 2" (50mm) 9/16" (14.3 mm) 1 1/8" (30 mm) Comb
    1" (25.4 mm) Wire
    Disengaging Punch Pins No Yes
    Maximum Page Size A4, A5, B5 (11.7-inches) Letter or A4 Arbitrary
    Packaged Weight 11 lbs. (4.9 kgs.) 37 lbs. (16.8 kgs.) 26 lbs. (11.8 kgs.) 17 lbs. (7.7 kgs.) 85 lbs. (38.6 kg)
    Warranty One Year Limited Warranty
    Adjustable Edge Distance Yes
    Number of Rings 21 34 (3:1 pitch) 3:1 (40 Rings) Wire & 24 Ring Comb
    Power Manual 110V 60Hz
    Punching Thickness 6-8 Sheets 20 Sheets 20 Sheets 15 sheets (80 gsm) 20 Sheets

    Intelli-Bind™ I3CB Wire / Comb Binding Machine from Intelli-Zone™ Specifications:

    Intelli-Bind™ I3CB Wire / Comb Binding Machine from Intelli-Zone™
    Maximum Binding Size 1 1/8" (30 mm) Comb
    1" (25.4 mm) Wire
    Measurements 18 1/8" x 23 5/8" x 9 13/16" (460 x 600 x 250 mm)
    Adjustable Edge Distance Yes
    Number of Rings 3:1 (40 Rings) Wire & 24 Ring Comb
    Packaged Weight 85 lbs. (38.6 kg)
    Warranty 1 year limited
    Disengaging Punch Pins Yes
    Power 110V 60Hz
    Maximum Page Size Arbitrary
    Punching Thickness 20 Sheets
    Item Number EI3CBBINB

    Product Overview:

    They say that nothing compares to having the right tool for the right job. Using the right tool gets the job done quicker and more effectively than fumbling around with lesser alternatives. This principle is particularly true of binding machines. Some companies will waste time and money purchasing multiple lesser machines that are only able to perform a specific type of binding and also can’t keep up with a workload; or they spend too much money on too much machine with whistles and bells they never use. Little did they know that they could have saved themselves money and aggravation by purchasing the Intelli-Bind I3CB binding machine, the right machine for your multiform at book binding jobs.

    The I3CB is a 2-in-1 book binding machine that is able to bind manuals, guides, journals, reports, proposals and other print media using either a 19-hole plastic comb or a 19-ring twin loop wire. Due to its versatility and productivity capabilities, the Intelli-Bind I3CB is a popular choice among professional binding companies, like publishers, printing houses and copy shops. It is also commonly used in schools and colleges to bind text books, notebooks and study guides.

    The design features of the Intelli-Bind I3CB make it especially easy to use and to complete a large output quantity of bound projects. The guides on the hole-punch mechanism ensure that each stack of paper will have holes placed in a consistent spot to prevent off-punches. The hole punch features disengaging punch pins so the machine operator can customize the hole pattern for each project. The punch function for wire binding places holes at a 3:1 pitch ratio. The electric powered hole-punch on the Intelli-Bind I3CB binding machine can accommodate a stack of 20 sheets of paper per punch, and is activated using a foot pedal. This hands-free feature increases both operator safety and overall production.

    The Intelli-Bind I3CB binding machine has a high book binding capacity of 250+ sheets of paper. The plastic comb binding and wire comb binding tool is manually operated and very intuitive to use. The open ended design of the I3CB, coupled with the disengaging punch dies enables the operator to bind books of variable sizes, including over-sized.

    The Intelli-Bind I3CB is the product of Intelli-Zone. Intelli-Zone produces is designed to help save businesses time and money by providing an efficient and effective way to streamline operations found in most businesses and organizations. The popular product line of office equipment includes binding machines, folding machines, laminators and paper cutters.

    There is a lot for an operator to like about the Intelli-Bind I3CB binding machine. It is a heavy duty machine that with proper maintenance will provide years of consistent usage. Switching between comb binding and wire binding jobs requires little effort and the expanded binding capacity is very advantageous for companies that take in various sized binding projects.

    The Intelli-Bind I3CB binding machine is a great choice for your combination book binding jobs. Purchase one today.
    If you have any questions or concerns, contact a customer service representative today.

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