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If your office is in need of reliable and high-quality office furniture, Intelli-Zone is a great option. Intelli-Zone is a leading manufacturer of office products designed to save businesses money by moving operations in-house or by streamlining existing business operations. Many of our Intelli-Zone machines can even be used at home. Intelli-Zone's product lineup includes paper shredders, folding machines, binding machines, commercial stack paper cutters, shrink wrap machines and more. Intelli-Zone's products are known for being a great value for the dollar. Not only do we sell Intelli-Zone machines, but we are also able to provide servicing for them and can supply you with replacement parts as needed. These machines are easy to use, feature excellent support and are light on the wallet. Buy yours today!

Intelli-Lam Pouch Laminators

Intelli-Lam Pouch Laminators Back Support Belts

We currently offer a nice lineup of Intelli-Lam pouch laminators from Intelli-Zone. These pouch lami... Read More +

Intelli-Bind Coil Binding Machines

Intelli-Bind Coil Binding Machines Back Support Belts

By design, coil binding makes it easy to turn pages a full 360 degrees and makes laying a coil bound... Read More +

Intelli-Bind 19-Ring Plastic Comb Binding Machines

Intelli-Bind 19-Ring Plastic Comb Binding Machines Back Support Belts

Few binding formats are as affordable or as widely known as comb binding. Our Intelli-Bind comb bind... Read More +

Intelli-Bind Wire Binding Machines

Intelli-Bind Wire Binding Machines Back Support Belts

At Office Zone, we offer a great lineup of manual and electric Intelli-Bind wire binding machines fr... Read More +

Intelli-Cut Paper Cutting Machines

Intelli-Cut Paper Cutting Machines Back Support Belts

At Office Zone, we offer a great lineup of Intelli-Cut paper cutting machines. These machines, often... Read More +

Intelli-Fold Paper Folding Machine

Intelli-Fold Paper Folding Machine Back Support Belts

Our selection of Intelli-Fold machines is some of the best friction-feed manual setup machines you w... Read More +

Intelli-Zone Paper Shredders

Intelli-Zone Paper Shredders Back Support Belts

These shredders come packed with many of the features you find in high-end shredders, but at a much ... Read More +

Intelli-Pack Shrink Wrap Machines

Intelli-Pack Shrink Wrap Machines Back Support Belts

If you need to package your music, art prints, books, pizza and other material in-house, you may wan... Read More +

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