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Interthor Pallet Jacks, Hand Trucks, Lift & More!

Interthor makes a wide variety of warehouse equipment products. This includes pallet jacks, pallet lifters, tilters and more. Their products are made from high quality materials and have a great track record with our customers. Take a look at our great selection of Interthor products and order today!

Pallet Jacks from Interthor
Interthor TSS-ME 2200 Pound Straddle Trans-Stackers
Interthor TSS-ME 2200 Pound Straddle Trans-Stackers
  • User adjustable fork width.
  • Adjustable straddle legs accommodate wider loads.
  • Straddle style chassis.
  • Brake pads can act as speed control as well as being a wheel lock.
  • Push bar handle helps with positioning and precise movement.
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