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Roll lamination film is perfect for laminating posters, maps, large documents, pictures and more. Choose from a wide variety of lamination film. We sell clear glossy film, matte lamination film, UV lamination film and more. We even carry laminating film for cold laminators and heat sensitive material. Because we have our own warehouse, most of our laminating film is in stock and able to ship same day. Take a look at our wide selection and order your lamination film today!

Clear Lamination Rolls

Clear Lamination Rolls Back Support Belts

This type of film is the most common film used today. It is clear, easy-to-use and relatively inexpe

CoreWidthHot / ColdUses
1"4" - 27" or
10 cm - 69 cm
HotMulti-Purpose / Most Common
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Matte Lamination Rolls

Matte Lamination Rolls Back Support Belts

Matte film is very similar to clear lamination film, but has a dull non-glossy look. This type of fi

CoreWidthHot / ColdUses
1"12" - 27" or
30 cm - 69 cm
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UV Laminating Rolls

UV Laminating Rolls Back Support Belts

UV film protects and preserves documents by filtering out harmful UV rays that fade color.

CoreWidthHot / ColdUses
1" - 2 1/4"12" - 40" or
30 cm - 102 cm
HotUV Protection from Sun
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Pressure Sensitive Laminating Rolls

Pressure Sensitive Laminating Rolls Back Support Belts

This type of film is often referred to as cold lamination or pressure sensitive film. It does not re

CoreWidthHot / ColdUses
3"25" - 61" or
64 cm - 155 cm
ColdMulti-Purpose / Temperature Sensitive / Ledco Econocraft
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DIGIKote UV Lamination Film

DIGIKote UV Lamination Film Back Support Belts

DIGIKote film is a very high quality film used for laminating important documents for long-term pres

CoreWidthHot / ColdUses
3"25" - 60" or
64 cm to 152 cm
HotWide Format / UV Protection from Sun
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DigisSal Lamination Film

DigisSal Lamination Film Back Support Belts

DigiSeal film is great for laminating paper and objects that are temperature sensitive. This is beca

CoreWidthHot / ColdUses
1", 2 1/4", 3"12" - 60" or
30 cm - 152 cm
HotLow-Temp Film for Ink Jet Printers
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Xyron Laminator Supplies

Xyron Laminator Supplies Back Support Belts

Xyron is synonymous with custom lamination. These laminators are great for laminating pictures, crea... Read More +

Foam Mounting Boards

Foam Mounting Boards Back Support Belts

Need to mount photographs or pictures onto foam core board? You may need a foam mounting board or ac... Read More +

Laminator Cleaning Kit

Laminator Cleaning Kit Back Support Belts

Keep your laminator running in tip top shape with a laminator cleaning kit.... Read More +

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