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Why do businesses choose to lease products?
Cash flow is a major concern for most companies, especially small businesses. And because buying new or used equipment can be one of the largest expenses a company faces, many businesses need a solution that allows them to get what they need without depleting their cash flow.

But that's not all. Leasing offers numerous advantages over other types of financing, including tax deductions, balance sheet management, immediate write-offs, great flexibility, customized solutions, better asset management, flexible end of term options, easy upgrades, and fast processing.

Research shows that 8 out of 10 U.S. companies choose to lease some or all of their equipment. This year alone, more than $208 billion in equipment will be leased in the United States (source: Ervin Leasing).

Now you can make low monthly payments as opposed to one large up front payment. If you would like the advantage of leasing office equipment, we have sourced several quality funding agencies for your reference.

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