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Alvin Tracing Light Tables and Graphic Artist Boxes

If you like to trace pictures or simply need transparent assistance or light support in your graphic arts, drafting or architecture related jobs, you may want to consider one of our light boxes or light tables. These boxes and tables are made by Alvin and feature high-quality components. These tables and boxes are easy to use, use standard power requirements and have a variety of uses and applications. These light boxes use brilliant fluorescent bulbs. Each of these boxes has been designed to take that light and display it evenly across the light box and light table surface. These are perfect for use in schools, at home or at your business. The quality simply can't be beat. Buy yours today!

Light Boxes
Alvin Multi-Purposes Tabletop Lightboxes
Alvin Multi-Purposes Tabletop Lightboxes
  • Feature a long 78" power cord.
  • White opaque Plexiglas.
  • Black epoxy finish.
  • Raised panel surface.
  • Fluorescent bulbs.
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