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Model 93M Compact Paper Folder by MBM

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  • Features a compact design with the feed tray and exit tray on the same side of the machine for convenient access and operation.
  • Both UL and C UL approved for safety.
  • This machine pulls a sheet of paper off of the top of the feed tray stack and automatically stops once everything has been folded.
  • A compact powered exit conveyor, along with stacker wheels, keep paper neatly organized as it leaves the machine.
  • Includes a programmable counter and batch counter, making it possible to specify the amount of sheets to fold at any given time.
  • A color coded fold plate makes it easy to set where fold settings need to be set, making it possible to set the 93M up in just seconds.
  • A digital display lets you know how many sheets have been counted.
  • Simple operation with a test button and a go button. Push the test button to see if the fold is correct and push the green go button to get the machine up and running.


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Product Description

Are you in the market for a paper folding machine and need something packed with features that won’t break the bank? If so, the MBM 93M paper folding machine may be just what you need. This compact little paper folder is the direct replacement to the very popular MBM 87M. While this machine has manually adjusted folding trays, it has many digital features. This includes a digital control panel and batch folding options. The exit tray now includes a conveyor to keep folding documents neat and orderly. Take advantage of this great price and place your order today!

MBM 93M Paper Folder Review
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Model 93M Compact Paper Folder by MBM Specifications:

Model 93M Compact Paper Folder by MBM
Page Counter Programmable counter with batch and total functions
Input Capacity 150 Sheets
Accepted Paper Weights 16# to 80#
Paper Feed Automatic
Dimensions (L,W,H) 14" x 25" x 16 3/4" (356 x 635 x 426 mm)
Accepted Paper Sizes From 4" x 5" (102mm x 127mm) to 8 1/2" x 14" (216mm x 355mm)
Warranty 1 year limited warranty, excluding wearables
Packaged Weight 46 lbs. (20.9 kg)
Volume Rating Low
Setup Manual Adjustable
Additional Features  
Folding Speed 7200 sheets/hour
Fold Types Letter fold, zigzag fold, double fold, single fold
Accepted Paper Types N/A
Power Requirements 120V 60Hz
Item Number FOLE93M

Product Overview:

Whether you are looking to move away from manually folding paper, or you simply want to upgrade to another machine, you should take a close look at the MBM 93M paper folding machine. This compact little folder is considered by many to be the king of compact tabletop paper folders. For the price, this little machine packs a punch. Here are just a few of the reasons why this may be a good choice for you.

To begin with, MBM is one of the most reputable manufacturers of office equipment today. They make bookletmakers, Destroyit shredders, Triumph & Kutrimmer paper cutters and much more. MBM is almost synonymous with quality office equipment.

The 93M is a compact paper folding machine designed for light to medium-volume paper folding. It uses a friction-based feed system. This means it utilizes friction rollers to pull paper into the machine for folding. While this is a time-tested way of pulling paper into a machine, it can be problematic with slick, satin, glossy or coated paper. The friction rollers can slip on this type of paper, resulting in a jam. If you are folding non-coated and non glossy paper, you should be fine.

This letter folding machine automatically pulls paper in for folding via a feed tray. The feed tray on the 93M can hold up to 150 sheets of paper, which is fairly substantial. Once it is finished pulling in the 150 sheets, the machine will automatically stop until more paper has been inserted. It can accept paper ranging in size from 4" x 5" up to 8 ½" x 14". It also accepts a paper weight ranging from 16 to 80 lbs. This is extremely versatile for a machine this small and compact.

The motor on the 93M operates at a speed of 7,200 sheets per hour, can be plugged into any wall outlet and is UL / C UL approved. While the motor is very fast, it is not recommended to use this machine continuously throughout the day. It is excellent for folding a few hundred to a few thousand sheets a day, but is not designed for high-volume paper folding.

This paper folding machine uses manually adjusted folding plates to create a fold. This means you need to loosen a knob on the fold plate and slide the plate forward or backward to select the desired fold. This must be done on both sets of folding plates. Folds are clearly marked on the folding plates (color coded) and setting this machine up takes just a matter of seconds to minutes, depending on the experience of the operator.

The MBM 93M is one of the only paper folding machines in this price range to also offer the convenience of a powered exit conveyor. This helps keep paper neatly stacked and organized as it leaves the machine. This paper folding machine also includes a digital control panel and a programmable counter with batch and total functions.

This paper folder is excellent for folding bills, letters, invoices and other material. It is excellent for use in an office, school or church. It produces high quality folds and can be placed on just about any desk or table. It is an excellent value. Buy yours today!
Single (Half, V)
Single (Half, V) fold
Standard Letter (C)
Letter (C) fold
Z (Accordion) fold
Z (Accordion) fold
Double Parallel fold
Double Parallel fold

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Customer Rating

MBM Paper Folder 93M

by Kayli F. - February 10, 2011

So far it is a wonderful product. Hard to adjust settings, so I wouldn't recommend if you switch back and forth to different fold patterns often. But if you usually use only one fold pattern, its an excellent machine.

Pros: Precise folding

Cons: Difficulty adjusting patterns to fold to, loud noises

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