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MBM is a leading manufacturer of office automation equipment and paper handling equipment. Having been around for 60 years, the company has perfected its equipment. Products include collators, paper folders, cutters and shredders. All products are designed to save time and money by automating many timely tasks and projects. We have a low-price guarantee on all our MBM office products. Order your MBM paper handling equipment today!

Destroyit Paper Shredders by MBM

Destroyit Paper Shredders by MBM Back Support Belts

Destroyit is well known for their high-quality shredders. Destroyit makes shredders for home use,... Read More +

MBM Colllators

MBM Colllators Back Support Belts

Simplify your copying and booklet making operations with a collator. Collators quickly take separate... Read More +

MBM Paer Drills

MBM Paer Drills Back Support Belts

Need to single, double or three-hole punch a large volume of paper? No problem. Try using an MBM pap... Read More +

MBM Bookletmakers

MBM Bookletmakers Back Support Belts

Why outsource your booklet making operations when you can do it in house? MBM makes a wide range of ... Read More +

MBM Paper Folding Machines

MBM Paper Folding Machines Back Support Belts

Fold letters, brochures and more in seconds with an MBM paper folder. MBM is known for their high-qu... Read More +

MBM Paper Joggers

MBM Paper Joggers Back Support Belts

Keep your printed documents straight and organized. As papers come out of a printer or press, they a... Read More +

MBM Business Card Cutters

MBM Business Card Cutters Back Support Belts

Simplify and streamline your business card cutting operations with a business card cutter from MBM. ... Read More +

Triumph Paper Cutters by MBM

Triumph Paper Cutters by MBM Back Support Belts

Dramatically increase your paper cutting output with a Triumph paper cutter from Ideal. These stack ... Read More +

Kutrimmer Paper Trimmers by MBM

Kutrimmer Paper Trimmers by MBM Back Support Belts

In need of an arm-style paper trimmer? Consider using a Kutrimmer paper trimmer from Ideal! These pa... Read More +

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