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Minipack MV 31 VacSmart 13.00 Inch x 11.75 Inch Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Front Seal Bar

MV 31 VacSmart Vacuum Sealer

Minipack MV 31 VacSmart™ Commercial Vacuum Sealer

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Condition: New

Price: $2,490
Retail: $3,264
(Savings $774)

Ships Via Truck


  • E-data reporting with PDF file download - Operator, product, date/time, batch number - County of origin, supplier information, pH level, temperature - Immediate corrective action entry at vacuum machine
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Controlled Air Return Included
  • Transparent lid for operator viewing
  • Seamless stainless chamber 13" x 11.75"
  • Flippin' Tray for unique food shapes, sizes & liquids
  • Sanitation alerts - Food type change (i.e. beef - fish - beef) - 4-hour operation sanitation prompt - Air dry sanitation instructions
  • Flippin Tray Included
  • Height: 4.5" (Chamber) + 2" (Lid) = 6.5"
  • Full-color sealed LCD touch display
  • Shatterproof lid hinge design
  • Quick release seal bar at 12.25" length
  • HACCP- Portal Included
  • TruVac™ sensors for hold + vacuum pulse infusion
  • Ethernet, USB, and Thermocouple connectivity
  • Programmable label printer (OPTIONAL) - Product name, packed date and use by date - Ingredients, product handling message, operator name - Sequential number, address, barcode, etc.
  • Technique Software Plus (Infuse Compress, Pulse, etc.) Included
  • e-Logging Included
  • Ships Via Truck


Product Description

Imagine the possibilities with the new Minipack MV 31 VacSmart Commercial Vacuum Sealer. By using the new MV 31 VacSmart vacuum sealer you can enhance flavor, maintain texture, preserve moisture, reduce product loss, no flavor transfer, less storage space, and increases shelf life.

Options & Accessories:

220V / 1ph / 8m3/h Upgrade $185
Inert Gas Kit (1 Nozzles), Part # KR310E50 $273
Seal Bar Option - Wide Flat Seal
*Must be factory installed
Stainless Steel Elevated Legs Kit, Part # ST200020 $57
Taller Lid, Part # ST200066 $181
Vac Box (Aeration & Food Storage) - Taller lid is necessary $70
Stainless Steel Mobile Cart, Part # ST200025 $322
Sous Vide Temperature Probe, K-Type (3 Inch, dull tip), Part # ST200045 $163
NSF Temperature Foam, Part # ST200041 $45
Product Temperature Probe, K-Type (4", sharp tip), Part # ST200040 $163
2x3" Labels (425 labels/roll, 12 rolls/case), Part # ST200060 $93
Water-resistant Flexible Keyboard (USB), Part # ST200012 $36
InkJet Report Printer, Canon Pixma MG2550 (USB), Part # ST200015 $88
USB Flash Drive, Pre-formatted (4GB), Part # ST200062 $13
Direct Thermal Label Printer (USB), Part #ST200009 $205
Pouch Holder, Part # ST200053 $91

Minipack MV 31 VacSmart™ Commercial Vacuum Sealer Specifications:

Minipack MV 31 VacSmart 13.00 Inch x 11.75 Inch Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Front Seal Bar
Packaged Weight 102 lbs.** Must Ship Via Truck Class 85
Item Number SHKEMV311E32T
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