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Money Handling Machines

Our money organizing equipment and supplies are available for money-handling businesses around the world. Products include cash registers, bill counters, coin sorters, coin counters, and counterfeit money detectors and more. We also sell coin scales and crimpers that are great accessories to money counters. Most of our products are in stock and ready to ship now. Take advantage of our low-price guarantee and order today!

Money Counters / Currency Counters

Money Counters / Currency Counters Back Support Belts

Money counters are designed to help quickly and precisely count money. Money counters are easy to us... Read More +

Money/Counterfeit Detectors

Money/Counterfeit Detectors Back Support Belts

Office Zone offers the latest technology in: counterfeit detector pens, UV money detectors, portable... Read More +

Check Signers

Check Signers Back Support Belts

Check signers are ideal for quickly signing hundreds and thousands of checks in a short period of ti... Read More +

Check Certifiers

Check Certifiers Back Support Belts

Take a look at our check certifiers! We have guaranteed low prices on all our check certifiers.... Read More +

Money Racks

Money Racks Back Support Belts

Money racks are a great way to organize and keep track of money. Money racks are widely used by bank... Read More +

Coin Scales

Coin Scales Back Support Belts

Coin scales, also known as money or bill scales, weight both coin and paper currency giving you a to... Read More +

Cash Registers

Cash Registers Back Support Belts

Our cash registers offer flexible features and benifits to suit most cash management needs... Read More +

Coin Counters

Coin Counters Back Support Belts

Coin counters quickly take quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies and count them giving you a total do... Read More +

Coin Crimpers

Coin Crimpers Back Support Belts

Coin crimpers take sorted money and crimp the ends of the tube wrappers. This keeps coins in place a... Read More +

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