We had a customer ask us the other day if manufacturers misrepresent the capabilities of their machines. A common point of confusion is automatic paper folding machines. Take the MBM 206M High-Volume Paper Folder for example. MBM claims the speed of this machine’s motor is capable of folding a whopping 10,500 letters per hour — an impressive number, no doubt.

After some informal in-house testing here at Office Zone, we’ve verified that this machine’s motor is indeed capable of this kind of volume. MBM has had other outside sources verify this number too. However, we obviously do not recommend you continually operate your paper folder, or any other machinery for that matter, at its maximum operating speed for long stretches of time. That would be like running your car at 120 mph. Yes, your car would mostly likely do 120, but aside from risking your neck and jail time, doing this would increase wear and tear to various parts — dramatically cutting the lifespan of your car. The same is true for office equipment.

The best thing for you to do — if you are using a paper folding machine for example — is to look up the folder’s duty cycle, included in the product manual. Or you can always ask an authorized representative like Office Zone. This will tell you how many hours the machine could be realistically used in a day.