Certain documents, most notably government checks, require folding and tearing the ends to open them. These documents, that are also their own envelopes, are called “mailers.” As much as it may seem like whoever issued the check is just hoping to frustrate you into not cashing it, they are actually just protecting you. Documents like paychecks contain private financial information that can be used to steal your identity, even if the culprit can’t cash the check (which he/she can’t, unless the bank teller is a runaway circus monkey). When a document is also a sealed envelope, the recipient can be assured that it has not been tampered with. Every business should have one the machines that seals mailers. They’re called folder/sealers and they are not complicated. Some of them work in correlation with select printers so that the mailers never touch anyone’s hands until they’ve been sealed. Folder/sealers only work with paper that has the pressure sensitive adhesive strips intended for mailers, but buying specialty paper is a lot less expensive than an identity theft-liability lawsuit. Plus, they’re just convenient because anyone can use them… even if all of your employees are runaway circus monkeys.