For quite some time, Office Zone has offered a large selection of signature capture pads, pen tablets, and related accessories. Models can handle a wide variety of tasks from inserting electronic signatures in documents or e-mails, to heavy use in busy retail environments.

SigLite 1X5

Our pen tablet pads are used with most signature capture programs. An entry level model, the SigLite 1X5, is also compatible with Word, Excel, Access, Acrobat, Notes, Domino, HTML, Java, ASP, VB, VC++, Delphi, Images, Crystal Reports, and so on.

We make integration of our signature capture pads easy by giving our customers, free of charge, a wide variety of drivers and open-source software to help most devices work with existing programs.

We have several models in stock and can can ship them same-day. Be sure to learn more about Office Zone’s signature caputure pads today: