You’ve most likely seen or even used a hand truck or pallet jack at some time during your work career. These helpful lifting tools provide a simple, effective, way to transport heavy and cumbersome loads.

Hand trucks, used in several places including grocery stores and delivery trucks, boast the advantage of fitting into smaller spaces versus traditional forked lifts or pallet jacks. Pallet jacks can quickly transport Hand Truckpallets from one location to another with ease. Once the pallet jack is placed under a pallet, the pallet may be lifted off the ground for easy transportation. Pallet jacks are often used in warehouses, grocery stores, and other locations with stacked items.

Container tilters and ergo-tilts are ideal for easily tilting heavy containers for work positioning. These lifters are designed to roll under most containers. Tilters also work well with machine feeding and offloading.

Pallet lifters and transporters are great for use with skids and open-bottom pallets. Pallet lifters are a necessity in any warehouse. They safely lift and lower pallets up to 3,300 pounds. A lifter transporter is very similar to a trans-positioner, but designed for lower weight capacities. Lifter transporters have a small footprint and work well in small to mid-size warehouses. Some lifter transporters have a lifting capacity of up to 3,000 pounds!

Trans-positioners quickly and efficiently move material and pallets from one location to another. They are best suited for lifting and moving pallets from a dock to an isle for storage. These are ideal for feeding and offloading pallets. They also work well at transporting loads from one part of your warehouse to another.

Transporters/stackers are the perfect solution for moving heavy pallets from one shelf to another. Once under a pallet, stackers can quickly lift and lower pallets. These are ideal for use in larger warehouses, where pallets are stacked or placed on shelves. One trans-stacker model has an impressive 3,000 pound weight capacity.

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