Are comb binding machines becoming a thing of the past? We’ve noticed over the years that demand for comb binders has slightly decreased. Spiral or coil binding is certainly a popular binding method today, along with wire binding. However, there’s still a healthy demand for these easy-to-use and affordable Sircle CB-110 Comb Binding Machinebinding machines.

Who still uses a comb binding machine? Well, school teachers for one like the advantages of using a comb binder. They tell us they like comb binding machines because they can easily punch an bind documents. And it’s a snap to pull off the plastic binding comb and insert or take away pages. Comb binding machines will also save you a lot of money. The CB-110 Comb Binding machine from Sircle Corp., for example, is inexpensive and offers a professional document binding solution. It’s lightweight and can be easily transported to just about any location.

There are some drawbacks to comb binding. The most obvious is the quality or appearance of the bind. Binding combs just don’t look as professional or durable as a wire or coil bound document. Comb bond documents can also easily become unbound if the comb accidentally becomes snagged on something.

But dollar for dollar, comb binding is still a popular binding method used today from school environments to businesses.

Be sure to read more about comb binding at our Comb Binding Machine FAQ page.

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