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Paper Shredder Reviews: Part Two

Posted by: Morgan on March 13th, 2009

Small Office Paper Shredders

Our lowest priced model in this category:

Techko Model SH261PO Deskside Cross Cut Shredder

Techko SH261PO ShredderAlthough the Techko SH261PO is a smaller-sized shredder, it’s still rated by the manufacturer to shred 10 sheets of standard 20 lb. paper at a time. However, we recommend backing that off by a few sheets. Its auto-start feature engages the shredder whenever it detects paper. A reverse switch comes in handy when you need to clear out paper jams. This is a cross cut model that shreds papers at security level three.

Price: $135

Office Zone rating: 2 Stars

Our highest priced model in this category:

Kobra 240 Cross Cut (C4) Office Paper Shredder

This highly versatile shredder is also listed in our Home Office Deskside Shredders category. You can read Kobra 240 Cross Cut C4the review here. The Kobra 240 C4 performs works extremely well in both home and office environments.

Price: $1,005

Our rating: 3-1/2 Stars

Small Department/Multi-user Paper Shredders

Our lowest priced model in this category:

HSM 104.3 Paper Shredder

The HSM 104.3 is designed for continuous use, and it does just that. This is a shredder that handles some HSM 104.3 Shredderof the most difficult shredding jobs. It features several sensors and switches that make operation simple. The HSM 104.3 has an automatic sensor that detects paper and turns the shredder on and off as needed. Another sensor tells you when the shred bin is full. This is a strip cut, security level two shredder.

Price: $490

Our rating: 3 Stars

Our highest priced model in this category:

GBC 3890D Micro-Cut Office Shredder

Keep your sensitive business information safe with the GBC 3890D paper shredder. This cross cut security level five shredder features SmartShred visual indicators that make operation a snap. The model 3890D GBC 3890D Shredderalso has unique Jam-Stopper features that help prevent annoying paper jams.

Price: $3,021

Our rating: 2-1/2 Stars


Coin Counter Spotlight: The ABC440

Posted by: Morgan on March 11th, 2009

If you run a small business where processing coins is vital, then a coin counter/sorter is definitely in order. A coin counter will save you several hours per month in coin counting time alone. It makes the tedious task of sorting and counting mixed coins a simple, affordable process.

ABC440 Coin Counter/SorterThe model ABC440 coin counter is a small, compact unit and easy to operate. This is a lightweight machine, not intended for large coin counting jobs. But its light weight makes it easy to move the machine from one location to another.

The ABC440 holds up to 300 coins and counts/sorts up to 600 coins per minute. It drops coins into separate bins. The machine also shows you the total value of money counted, plus the total number of coins counted. The ABC440 will also tell you how many coins of each denomination have been counted. Be sure to take a closer look at the model ABC440 coin counter/sorter today.


Formax Paper Shredder Review: The FD 8400 CC

Posted by: Morgan on March 9th, 2009

We’ve enjoyed the use of our Formax model FD 8400 CC on our showroom floor for over a year now. It’s a rather inconspicuous looking shredder, it really doesn’t stand out from the crowd; but looks and be deceiving. This is a high-performance paper shredder that quietly gets the job done.

Formax FD 8400 CCThe FD 8400 CC can tear through almost any shredding task in short order. The speed of this machine is one of the first things you will be pleased with. It quickly grabs a stack of paper and tears it apart in seconds thanks to a powerful motor.

The manufacturer’s specifications say the FD 8400 CC will shred 20 sheets of paper at a time, but we recommend no more than 16. This is a security level 3 shredder. That means your sensitive information will remain safe after it’s passed through the cutting heads. The 8400 is also a relatively quiet machine when compared to most cross cut shredders in its class.

The FD 8400 CC is made with a durable all-metal cabinet. On the inside of its front door sits a handy metal pocket. This is where you can store a spare bottle of shredder oil. This is a hefty machine, but easy to move around thanks to four strong casters. Formax is so confident in the performance of the FD 8400 CC that it backs up this model with a lengthy 10-year warranty on the cutting heads.

Be sure to take a closer look at the Formax FD 8400 CC shredder today.

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Paper Shredders Rated

Posted by: Morgan on March 6th, 2009

Customers often ask, “What’s the best paper shredder out there?” There are a lot of quality machines available that we could recommend. The answer however all depends on what you need the shredder to do for you and what kind of budget you are working with. There are several models available today that can tackle most jobs. The following review spotlights the various shredder categories, and then rates the lowest and highest priced shredders in each category.

Today’s blog entry features shredders from two very popular categories …

Home And Desk Side Paper Shredders

Our lowest priced model in this category:

Techko SH51006 Paper Shredder

Strip cut, security level one (the lowest security level). Its shredded paper strips measure seven millimeters Techko SH51006in width. Intended for light to medium use; recommended for use in a home or small home office.

Price: $31

Office Zone rating: 1-1/2 Stars

Our highest priced model in this category:

HSM 102.2 Compact Paper Shredder

The HSM 102.2 has a powerful motor capable of chewing through paper with ease. This shredder features a convenient automatic on/off sensor, and a front waste bin window that lets you see how full the shredder HSM 102.2 Compact Paper Shredderis. The strip cut model shreds at a number two security level, while the cross cut model shreds at level three.

Price:  $327 (strip cut model), $377 (cross cut)

Our rating: Four Stars

Small Office Paper Shredders

Our lowest priced model in this category:

Techko SH1524CP Paper Shredder

The Techko SH1524 CP shredder is capable of shredding up to 18 sheets of paper at a time, but we recommend shredding about half that amount. It has a 7.8-gallon basket. That means you won’t have to Techko SH1524CP Paper Shredderspend a lot of time emptying its waste bin. The Techko SH1524CP is an adequate deskside paper shredder. It features casters that allow you to roll the shredder from one location to another. This strip-cut model shreds at security level two.

Price: $85

Our rating: Two Stars

Our highest priced model in this category:

Kobra 240 Cross Cut C4

The Kobra 240 Cross Cut C4 is a highly versatile paper shredder capable of shredding a variety of paper and other materials. The cutting heads can even handle hard-to-see staples. The C4 is actually one of five Kobra 240 Cross Cut C4different models in the 240 series. It shreds paper at security level three.

Price: $1,005

Our rating: 3-1/2 Stars

Next week we’ll take a look at Small Department/Multi-User paper shredders and Departmental Heavy Duty paper shredders.