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How To Make Your Paper Shredder Last 10 Years

Posted by: Morgan on June 30th, 2009

Believe it or not, but the paper shredder in my office is 10 years old. It’s a small strip-cut shredder and I use it every day. Here are a three tips that should help you get the most life from your shredder.

1. Oil Your Shredder

Most of our customers who purchase a shredder are surprised to learn that most paper shredders require oiling. This is simply done by squirting a thin layer of shredder oil on a single piece of paper. You then shred the sheet, letting it pass completely through the shredder blades.

Then, push the reverse button on your shredder for a few seconds and you’re done. That’s all there is to it. I recommend oiling your shredder at least once every other week, depending on use. If you use your shredder on a more frequent basis than I do, then you should oil your shredder accordingly.

2. Sheet Capacity

Most paper shredder manufacturers will give their machine a sheet capacity rating. This indicates how many sheets of paper you can shred at one time. To make your shredder last as long as possible, I recommend backing the manufacturer’s rating off by about 30%. So, if you have a shredder rated for six sheets at a time, back it down to about four.

3. Empty The Shred Bin

Be sure to empty your paper waste bin whenever it’s full. People often continue to run their shredder with a loaded bin. This puts undue stress on your shredder’s motor and shred heads.

For more paper shredder tips, FAQ’s and tutorials, be sure to visit our Paper Shredder Resources & Information department today.


New Office Machine & Supply Guides Available From Office Zone

Posted by: Morgan on June 25th, 2009

We recently added several helpful “How To” guides on our Web site. These easy-to-follow guides show customers and others how to find the right equipment for their specific office needs.

The Office Zone Web site now offers several tips from how to choose a business card cutter, to how to find the right vacuum sealing machine for your business. Be sure to take a look at these free and helpful product guides today:


Discover The Largest Selection Of Photo ID Printers And Accessories Online

Posted by: Morgan on June 19th, 2009

Office security is always a big concern, especially for large corporations and government entities. Photo ID badges and ID cards are a critical security measure for these organizations. While some are still using old Polaroid-style cameras and accessories, many are taking advantage of relatively new photo ID technology, including ID card creation software such as Card 5 or Episuite. These user-friendly programs help you create ID cards quickly using digital printers.

For our customers’ convenience, we offer a large selection of digital photo ID equipment and systems. These include: photo ID cameras, digital photo ID printers, and ID card creation software. We also supply traditional,Badge Clip

Polaroid-style cameras and supplies, including photo paper trimmers, pouch laminators and lamination film, and slot punches.

Whatever system you prefer, we have the photo ID creation equipment and supplies for you. Office Zone also carries badge holders, badge clips, badge reels, lanyards, and other photo ID related accessories. For more photo ID tips and suggestions, be sure to visit our Photo ID Guide.


How To Poly Bag Magazines

Posted by: Morgan on June 16th, 2009

If you’re like most people, you subscribe to some sort of magazine or other publication. And, chances are, you receive that publication in a clear, plastic poly bag. Publishers often use a mail bagging machine to bundle their magazine with a small booklet, advertising brochure, or some other similar item. We have offered the MiniPack Mail Bag Digit machine for quite some time now, and it works amazingly well for those in the publishing industry.

The Mail Bag Digit effectively wraps newspapers, brochures, bulletins, catalogs and other assorted publications in a sturdy poly bag. It uses a roll of clear or printed polyethylene film, or poly bag material, mounted on a motorized roller. The film is driven through the machine and then forms an envelope-like bag around the magazine. The bag is then sealed with cross sealing arms, and then automatically ejected.

Be sure to take a closer look at the MiniPack Mail Bag Digit today.

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Food Vacuum Sealing Tips You May Not Have Considered

Posted by: Morgan on June 9th, 2009

I spoke with a customer the other day who was frustrated with her home vacuum sealer. She was having trouble with a certain model purchased from a local popular retail chain. She said she was trying to vacuum seal large quantities of frozen vegetables and her machine just wasn’t up to the task. She needed a more robust vacuum sealer that would handle her work load requirements. She also wanted a machine that was fairly easy to clean up after heavy use.

After asking this customer a few more questions about her needs, including the size of the items she was vacuum sealing, I recommended the model MVS 31 Chamber Vacuum Sealer from MiniPack. We have one of these units on our showroom floor and it’s a well-built, durable machine. We’ve vacuum sealed just about everything with this model including a wide variety of foods. This is a machine specifically designed to vacuum seal a significant amount of vegetables, fruits, meats, and other perishable items, while making the entire process relatively easy.

The problem with external vacuum sealers, commonly available at several popular retail outlets, is the simple fact that they perform the vacuum sealing process externally. You don’t always get a dependable, consistently completed seal on every item. An internal chamber sealing machine, however, such as the MiniPack MVS 31, performs on a far more reliable scale. These machines require more of an investment budget-wise, but the performance factor alone is more than worth the difference in price. Be sure to take a closer look at the MiniPack MVS 31 Chamber Vacuum Sealer today.


Finally: A Cheap Coin Counting Machine, The ABC110 Coin Counter Sorter & Wrapper

Posted by: Morgan on June 4th, 2009

Are you looking for a coin counting/sorting machine that will count and sort a significant amount of coins, but price is a concern? Office Zone is pleased to announce the arrival of the new model ABC110 coin sorting and wrapping machine.

We’ve received feedback from our customers who run businesses where coins are processed on a daily basis, but they are worried that they cannot afford a coin cointing machine. Counting a fair amount of coins on a budget isn’t an easy task. There are several coin counters available that just won’t get the job done. The new ABC110 coin counter and sorter from Office Zone is relatively fast (counts up to 270 coins per minute), highly accurate, and best of all it’s affordable.

This new coin counting machine will count a mixed bundle of coins and sort them into separate bins or coin tubes, whatever your preference. The ABC110 handles all popular denominations including pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.


Report Covers: Discover The Best Selection Online

Posted by: Morgan on June 2nd, 2009

Are you looking for a nice, professional looking cover for your report? Or, perhaps you have a school assignment that requires a composition cover. Look no further. Office Zone has you covered (pun intended).

Clear covers give your reports and other documents a professional look. Clear style binding covers showcase the second page through the clear front cover. It not only protects your report, but it looks great. Clear report covers are come in five, seven and 10-mil thicknesses. Our customers use clear covers with most styles of document binding including comb, wire and coil.

Polypropylene covers are made from a very durable, plastic-based material. Polypropylene covers, or poly covers, are available in a variety of colors and textures. Poly are often used with most binding formats, including comb, wire, and coil.

Cardstock report covers, requested more than any other style of covers, are made from paper and are typically used as front or back covers. Cardstock covers are often used by our customers in the education sector. They make ideal composition covers. Cardstock covers are available in several colors, styles, and designs. Cardstock-style report covers may be used with most binding formats.

Be sure to visit Office Zone today for all of your report cover needs.