Comb binding is a simple, inexpensive way to bind your documents and reports. Comb binding machines require very little setup and can be used by almost anyone.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Start by making some minor adjustments to your comb binding machine. Adjusting the punch margin depth, binding comb opener size, and disengage punching dies to prevent half-hole punches.

2. Gather together all the documents that you need to punch and bind. This includes the document paper, report covers, front and back.

3. Insert the sheets of paper that need to be punched. We recommend that you insert only about 80% of the maximum amount the machine is rated to punch. Pull down binding machine handle and punch your paper.

4. After all of the document sheets have been successfully punched, jog the paper to align the holes. This will make it easier to insert the binding comb.

5. Now, carefully place the binding comb on the machine’s comb opener to pry it open. Be sure the comb is placed on the machine so that the opened side is facing up.

6. Lay your punched paper on top of the opened comb spines.

7. Carefully release the comb opener to close the binding comb.

8. That’s all there is to it! Now you can move on to your next document.

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