Office Zone features a large selection of pouch laminating machines. We are often asked by visitors to our Web site, “What’s the best pouch laminator?” We confidently recommend several models in different price categories. However, the one pouch laminator that consistently stands out from most other models is the Banner American PL12A pouch laminator.

The PL12A comes highly recommended mainly due to its impressive performance track record. Product returns on this model are a rare occurrence. The PL12A features an independent heat and motor control system. This means that the laminator may be left on stand-by (heat-ready) throughout the day without wearing out the motor. You can instantly re-start laminating without waiting for the machine to warm up.

Office Zone has rated the PL12A as a high-quality, high-volume pouch laminator. It has a wide 12-inch opening, ideal for laminating menus, promotional signs, maps, certificates, luggage tags, important documents, photos and more.

The PL12A pouch laminator has durable metal gears and a powerful motor — a big reason why this machine lasts so long. This laminator also features a four-roller lamination system that delivers a clear, professional finish every time.