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Need Paper Folding Machine for Funeral Home

Posted by: Morgan on December 22nd, 2009


We have a funeral home. Need a quality folding machine for our service folders, 50-500 copies at a time. What would you recommend?



You may be surprised to learn that we have several customers who need a paper folding machine for the same application you’ve described. In fact, we sold a Dynafold model DE-102AF automatic paper folder to a funeral home just last week. The Dynafold DE-102AF is an ideal choice for most businesses since it features a budget-friendly price, and it performs a variety of paper folds. This model alone creates six popular fold types. And, the easy-to-use adjustable folding plates on the Dynafold machine let you create additional custom folds.

The DE-102AF is a user-friendly machine, and has a self-adjusting feature that lets you process different paper thicknesses. This particular paper folder can hold up to 500 sheets of paper at a time and can fold up to 6,000 sheets per hour.


Looking for Machine With 18″ Shrink Wrap Roll

Posted by: Morgan on December 16th, 2009


I’m looking at the Compack 5800 Shrink Wrapper machine. I need a machine that can use a roll of 18″ shrink wrap film. I also need to know how many packages it can do per minute and the warranty it has. The Compack 5800 has the dimensions I’m looking for but I need to know answers to the questions above.

Good day,



The Compack 5800 will hold a roll of shrink wrap film up to 18 inches wide. The production speed of this model is at least eight to 10 packs per minute. But your actual production rate may vary depending on the product you’re packaging and the efficiency of your staff.

We’ve sold the Compack 5800 for several years now and it hasĀ  proven to be a durable, dependable machine. It comes with a one-year warranty on all non-wearable parts. You can see this shrink wrap machine in action here.


Tamerica Unveils New C-Lam 3308 8-Roller Laminator

Posted by: Morgan on December 15th, 2009

The C-Lam 3308 pouch laminator from Tamerica features eight rollers for the clearest, cleanest finish available. The machine has four hot rollers and four cold. This highly versatile pouch laminator easily handles a wide variety of lamination film thicknesses from three to 10 mils.

The C-Lam 3308 laminator is the ideal choice for laminating photographs. The first set of hot rollers ensure adequate encapsulation and protection of your photos, while the remaining non-heated (or cold) rollers, located behind the hot, deliver smooth, ripple-free results.

You can also laminate promotional signs, restaurant menus, school projects and more. The model C-Lam 3308 laminator includes variable temperature and speed control. This built-in feature is ideal for professional-quality projects.

The machine automatically moves into energy-saving shut-off mode when not in use for 30 minutes. This impressive new pouch laminator from Tamerica is also simple to clean. All you need to do is remove four outer metal screws and the top lifts right off for quick, convenient access.


Need Trimmer That Precisely Cuts Greeting Cards

Posted by: Morgan on December 14th, 2009


Hi I have a hobby making greeting cards and I was wondering if there is a paper cutter out there that will easily cut 1 sheet of paper or cardstock 8 1/2 by 11 in very precise increments so I would not have to cut my mats by hand. Nice mats are 1/16 inch thick and they must be EXACTLY cut. The prettiest cards have 3 or 4 mats in 1/16 inch increments and that is the most time consuming part of a project.

So lets say I have a 7 by 7 inch paper and I want a 7 1/16 by 7 1/16 inch mat for that. The only way for me is to measure it by hand and use an Xacto knife to cut it by hand because not even my Xacto laser trimmer is exact enough for me. So whatever trimmer I need would have to have a 1/16 inch grid with a stable guide to hold the paper against and no play whatsoever in the cut. Is there such a machine ??

Kind Regards,



We highly recommend the Rotatrim brand Professional Rotary Paper Cutter for your application. Rotatrim rotary cutters are built to endure high volume use and ensure precise cuts every time. Materials of up to 3mm in thickness are easily and accurately cut with this machine.

The only issue you may encounter is the printed measurement grid on the cutting board. The smallest increments on the board (in U.S. units) are 1/8-inch. There is, however, a metric scale located right in front of the U.S. scale with millimeter marks.

Rotatrim paper trimmers are found world-round in business offices, schools, photo studios, homes and more. Each Rotatrim Professional has a transparent clamp that makes it easy to align your paper for stable, accurate cutting.

When looking for a rotary style cutter, be sure to get one with twin guide rails. These double rails ensure accurate movement, where the metal cutting head glides up and down the length of the cutting board with precise action. Rotatrim is indeed the model all other rotary trimmers are measured against.


How to Make Your Binding Machine Last 10 Years or More

Posted by: Morgan on December 10th, 2009

Document binding machines are a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to punch and bind a wide variety of documents, reports, proposals, school assignments, books and more. It just makes sense to handle your binding jobs in-house instead of outsourcing. That can be quite expensive.

However, a good, quality binding machine requires an investment of at least a few hundred dollars. These include models constructed mainly of metal parts engineered to handle heavy or consistent use. Most offices operate on a pretty tight budget, so you want your new binding machine to last a reasonable amount of time.

Initially, it can be a little overwhelming finding the right binding machine for your office, especially when there are dozens of different binding styles to choose from. The important thing to keep in mind here is machine specifications and ratings. It’s best to purchase a binding machine that’s rated to handle the volume of paper punching and binding you plan to do.

At Office Zone, we advise our customers to obtain a model that’s rated to handle a slightly higher work load than they anticipate. When you operate your binding machine under the manufacturer’s specifications, you put less strain on its moving parts, and other components subject to wear and tear.

We also highly recommend that you clean your binding machine from time to time. That means periodically checking the waste catch tray for punched chad, and then discarding all unwanted material. It’s also a good idea to ensure that all of your office staff are adequately informed and trained to use the machine before they begin their next binding project. And, if you ever experience problems with your binding machine, you can always contact our service technician who can help you solve most binding machine technical issues.

Office Zone offers other ideas, tips and suggestions on this page to help you extend the life of your binding machine in our Binding Machine Resources department.


ABC V-10 Compact Bill Counter

Posted by: Morgan on December 10th, 2009

The Little Money Counter/Counterfeit Detector That Could!

The ABC V-10 bill counter is really an amazing little machine. For under $120, you get a money counter that not only quickly and accurately counts a stack of bills, but it also helps you easily identify counterfeit money.

This bill counter is rated to handle low volumes of money, ideal for most small businesses. It’s especially useful if you need to take the unit out into the field because it also operates on batteries. The ABC V-10 compact bill counter verifies the authenticity of U.S. notes, thanks to three integrated counterfeit detection devices. These include a UV light, watermark light and magnetic ink sensor. The ABC V-10 delivers a lot of value for relatively little money, and is ideal for any business or organization that needs to eliminate fraud, count money, save time, and labor costs. You can view a short video demonstration of the ABC V-10 bill counter here.


Need to Shred Hospital Bracelets

Posted by: Morgan on December 9th, 2009


I was wondering if someone can suggest me a good shredding machine to shred [a] hospital bracelet (kind of rubber or plastic) and I also need to be able to shred carbon printer ink sheets. If you can give me a model and a price it would be appreciate. It’s for a Hospital.


We recommend the ScriptStroyer Model UC5500 Pharmacy/Medical Shredder from Martin Yale. It currently sells for $3,758. Today, it is more important than ever to destroy patient and customer information when it must be discarded. The ScriptStroyer shredder helps you stay well within patient privacy regulations mandated by the government such as HIPAA.

Patient bracelets, prescription pill and medicine bottles contain sensitive information. The UC5500 ScriptStroyer will quickly and efficiently destroy these items including bottle caps, labels, and rubber-like plastic material such as a hospital bracelet. Be sure to remove any metallic materials from the bracelet before you run it through the shredder. The ScriptStroyer UC5500 also shreds most types of paper, including carbon paper.


What is a Pouch Laminator?

Posted by: Morgan on December 8th, 2009


What exactly is a pouch laminator and what does a lamination pouch look like? What is the purpose of the rolls inside a pouch laminator?


Pouch laminators are laminating machines that use heat and internal rollers to laminate a wide variety of documents and paper. Pouch laminators use a pre-sized lamination pouch that is sealed on one side. The inside of the lamination pouch is coated with a heat-activated film that sticks to the product laminated as it runs through the laminator.

Rollers inside the machine help evenly distribute heat to provide a smoother, more professional look. Products laminated on a pouch laminator with only two rollers may take two passes to be properly laminated. Pouch laminators with at least four rollers will laminate a product on the first pass and provide a professional-looking, wave-free lamination. Pouch laminators come in different shapes and sizes. The most common sizes are four-inch and 12-inch wide pouch laminators.


Looking for Automatic Scoring Machine

Posted by: Morgan on December 7th, 2009


I am looking for an automatic machine that will score up to 11 X 17 sized gloss paper, hopefully with 2 adjustable scoring blades that can do 2 separate scores at once. Something that can be easily adjusted for different scoring positions. I am also looking for another machine that does automatic cutting, all 4 sides at once. May it be one sheet at a time, automatically fed into the machine, like that of a printer, or a stack that is cut many sheets at a time. Preferable the one at a time automatically fed into the machine. Do you have anything like this?


The machine that will handle most of your job requirements is the Formax FD 572 cut-sheet cutter. This impressive new model cuts, slits or perforates a wide variety of documents including checks, tickets, notices, labels and more.

When cutting forms, the FD 572 cutter produces crisp, clean edges. This machine automatically pulls paper from the stacker, and its push-button controls enable quick and easy set-up. It produces up to 50 cut forms per minute.


How to Cut Your Own Business Cards

Posted by: Morgan on December 3rd, 2009

Do you want to save money and create your own business cards in-house? To start, you need desktop publishing software, a computer, paper and a printer. You will then design and print your cards. There are three popular business card templates available. These are eight-up, 10-up and 12-up patterns. These are bundled with your desktop publishing software.

The eight-up business card pattern produces eight cards on a single sheet of paper, the 10-up creates 10, and the 12-up makes 12. One important thing to keep in mind here: The 10-up pattern is more universally compatible with most computer printers. Some printer models are not capable of printing all of the cards in a 12-up pattern.

Next, you will need a business card cutter. Business card cutting machines are the ideal tool to help you create business cards in a short amount of time. Business card cutters, also known as business card slitters, are compact and typically fit on the top of your desk. The model you choose will largely depend on the amount of cards you need to create and the type of paper you use. If you plan to produce only a few hundred cards a month, then a manual hand crank business card cutter such as the Cardmate should suffice.

Most business card cutters use friction to pull in and cut the paper. Glossy paper has the tendency to slip on the rubber friction wheels in the cutter, thus causing a paper jam. It is a good idea to use paper that is less glossy or slick. It’s also a good thing to know that most business card cutter models will accept up to certain paper thicknesses. Be sure the machine you purchase will handle your desired business card stock. And, be sure to take a look at our large business card cutter model selection today.