Hi I have a hobby making greeting cards and I was wondering if there is a paper cutter out there that will easily cut 1 sheet of paper or cardstock 8 1/2 by 11 in very precise increments so I would not have to cut my mats by hand. Nice mats are 1/16 inch thick and they must be EXACTLY cut. The prettiest cards have 3 or 4 mats in 1/16 inch increments and that is the most time consuming part of a project.

So lets say I have a 7 by 7 inch paper and I want a 7 1/16 by 7 1/16 inch mat for that. The only way for me is to measure it by hand and use an Xacto knife to cut it by hand because not even my Xacto laser trimmer is exact enough for me. So whatever trimmer I need would have to have a 1/16 inch grid with a stable guide to hold the paper against and no play whatsoever in the cut. Is there such a machine ??

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We highly recommend the Rotatrim brand Professional Rotary Paper Cutter for your application. Rotatrim rotary cutters are built to endure high volume use and ensure precise cuts every time. Materials of up to 3mm in thickness are easily and accurately cut with this machine.

The only issue you may encounter is the printed measurement grid on the cutting board. The smallest increments on the board (in U.S. units) are 1/8-inch. There is, however, a metric scale located right in front of the U.S. scale with millimeter marks.

Rotatrim paper trimmers are found world-round in business offices, schools, photo studios, homes and more. Each Rotatrim Professional has a transparent clamp that makes it easy to align your paper for stable, accurate cutting.

When looking for a rotary style cutter, be sure to get one with twin guide rails. These double rails ensure accurate movement, where the metal cutting head glides up and down the length of the cutting board with precise action. Rotatrim is indeed the model all other rotary trimmers are measured against.