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Binding Machine for Legal Size Books

Posted by: Morgan on February 26th, 2010


I’m looking for a binding machine that will bind legal size books on the long edge (14 inch). Very small volume. What are my options?

Dan O.


I have a few more questions about your specific binding needs, what style of binding you prefer (comb, coil, wire), but the machine that immediately CoilMac-ECI Spiral Binding Machinecomes to mind is the CoilMac-ECI Spiral Binding Machine.

Spiral binding is my favorite book binding option. The plastic coil is durable, it can’t be crushed like wire, and books stay open when placed on a flat surface. The end result looks great. The CoilMac-ECI helps you quickly and effortlessly coil bind documents, books, reports and more.

You mentioned that you needed to bind legal-sized books. The CoilMac-ECI will let you do this. It has an open punching throat with continuous punching guide, specifically designed for documents longer than the standard 11 inches.

The CoilMac-ECI also has an impressive punching capacity. You can punch up to 17 sheets of paper at a time with this model. It has a built-in coil inserter too (most of the models in this price category require that you insert the coils by hand).


Need Shrink Wrap Equipment to Encapsulate Boxes

Posted by: Morgan on February 25th, 2010


Our company is seeking to completely encapsulate 3 x 500 count boxes of Sweet N’Low (with or without trap) with a heavy clear shrink covering. The size of the three boxes (without tray) is 18″ x 7.5″ x 5.5″.

The immediate emphasis is to identify a piece of equipment that can get this process operational as soon as possible. The thought is to start simply to get the system running and possibly purchase a more automate follow-up to keep labor under control.

What would you recommend for our application.

Stephen T.


If you need to get things up and running fairly quickly, then I recommend the Minipack FM Digit 77A shrink wrap machine. This is a customer favorite model, and for good reason. First of all it’s manufactured by MiniPack. That FM Digit 77A Shrink Wrap Machinemeans quality parts and engineering that will last you for years to come.

The FM Digit 77A shrink wrap machine is one of the most reliable, easy-to-use models available. It features a large sealing area that provides more than adequate space for the products that you will shrink wrap.

The machine includes a sealer/tunnel combination, designed for fast packaging. The FM Digit 77A also includes a built-in motor that moves the shrink hood up and down automatically. It can be programmed for either manual or automatic operation.

This model is designed to shrink up to 10 items per minute and may be used with PVC or Polyolefin shrink film of almost any thickness. Best if all, the FM Digit 77A may be programmed to handle a wide a variety of jobs, and it requires very little training to operate.


Need Quality, Simple-to-use Laminator Under $800

Posted by: Morgan on February 24th, 2010


We are a company that provides behavior intervention services for kids with special needs. We create a high volume of visual materials (charts, schedules, etc.). We are looking to spend between $600-800 on a quality laminator that is simple to use. We need one that is 25-27″ in width.

Carrie S.


The Banner American Easy Lam School Budget Roll Laminator is your best option. For starters, it’s well within your budget range. Secondly, the Easy Banner American Easy Lam School Budget Roll LaminatorLam School laminator will handle items up to 27 inches in width. It appears that Banner American did their homework before introducing their new laminator. So far it’s been a big hit with schools, from elementary to college. Several businesses too have enjoyed the benefits of this model.

The Easy Lam School Budget laminator processes a wide variety of items such as school art projects, charts, posters, schedules, photographs, maps, various documents and more. This is a wide-format roll laminator, so the sky’s pretty much the limit on what you can laminate.

Even though this is an economically priced model, it still is a quality machine that includes several “luxury” features such as heated rollers. Heated rollers are a nice touch since they more evenly distribute heat onto the film, thus creating a better-looking laminated product.


Looking for Most Effective Padding Machine

Posted by: Morgan on February 23rd, 2010


Which padding machine would be most effective for my needs? I need to glue 8.5 x 11 sheets in landscape. I need to apply the glue to the 11 in side of the paper. I am not concerned with gluing in multiple stacks, but I am concerned about purchasing a machine that has the dimensions that I require.

Please advise …

Thank you!

Jennifer E.


We recommend the Superpad Padding Press. The Superpad lets you quickly Superpad Padding Presscreate notepads, scratch pads, forms and other similar items in just a matter of minutes. This model will actually pad up to an amazing 10,000 sheets of paper at a time! It also facilitates padding jobs that require a strip of glue on the longest edge of the page. The Superpad pads up to 18 inches in width.

The Superpad is also simple to use. You can load, clamp and tilt the press in just a matter of minutes. The table has a tilting feature, enabling convenient loading. The Superpad can also turn up to 180 degrees for easy access. Once the glue is dry, you may remove the padded paper and place a new stack in the press to start the process all over again. Office Zone also sells all of the padding supplies accessories and tools that you will need to create a professional-looking pad of paper.


Need Laminating Machine for School

Posted by: Morgan on February 22nd, 2010


I’m trying to find the best option for a laminating machine for our school. We need to laminate both sides of documents letter sized or smaller; thickness 5 mm or thinner. Some cards 20 x 8“ size and 5 mm thick or thinner. We might need to laminate pictures as well. Can you help us choose the best and most economical option based on machine and supplies prices?

Thank you,

Francisca S.


It sounds like your school is a prime candidate for the Easy Lam School Budget Roll Laminator. The Easy Lam School Budget laminator is Easy Lam School Budget Roll Laminatoraffordability priced for schools where office product budgets are usually tight. This new laminator, manufactured in the U.S. by Banner American, laminates both sides of a document and will handle all of the items that you listed.

The Easy Lam School Budget laminator laminates a wide variety of documents, photos, posters, maps, and more, up to 27 inches in width. You may laminate the items that you listed (to 5mm in thickness) with this machine. Although this is a relatively low-priced laminator, it includes several high-end features such as heated rollers (as opposed to heat shoes) that more evenly distribute heat and creates a better overall laminated product. The Easy-Lam School Budget also operates at lower temperatures, creating fewer odors and saving energy.


How do I Find the Best Corner Rounder for my Needs?

Posted by: Morgan on February 19th, 2010

Corner rounders simply cut the corners off of paper and other similar materials. You can use a round cornering machine with scrap booking projects, playing cards, photographs, business cards, greeting cards and more.

Some industrial-strength corner rounders can even slice the corners off of hundreds of sheets of paper at a time. Some unique models will cut through aluminum.

Office Zone has created a unique, useful corner rounder guide that will help

Corner Rounding Machine

you choose the best corner rounding machine for your needs. The guide helps you find answers to some common questions that you may have before buying a corner rounder. Some of these include:

  • What corner diameter do you prefer?
  • How often will you use your corner rounder?
  • How many sheets would you like to cut at a time?
  • Will you be cutting anything other than paper?

And, if you don’t find the answer to your question in our guide, you’re always welcome to contact Office Zone’s customer service department for more help.


What is a Solingen Steel Blade and why do I Want it in my Paper Cutter?

Posted by: Morgan on February 17th, 2010

Solingen steel is produced in Solingen, Germany. The town is known as the “City of Blades” because it is world famous for manufacturing excellent blades, knives, scissors razors, surgical instruments and other similar items. The knife producers in Solingen have been around for more than 100 years.

The cutting blade in the new Ideal Kutrimmer 1135 is made of Solingen steel. This highly durable blade may be re-sharpened, allowing you to Ideal Kutrimmer 1135obtain several years of use out of this paper cutter. Compare that to several paper cutters and trimmers available today that merely offer disposable blades.

The Kutrimmer 1135 arm cutter delivers a safe, yet effective way to cut up to 25 sheets of paper at a time. Kutrimmer cutters are known for their durability and accuracy.

The 1135 model is easy to set up, thanks to a built-in clamp that firmly holds down the stack of paper while trimming. This ensures the most clean cut possible. The model 1135 Kutrimmer also includes a transparent Lexan safety guard, with an integrated cutting line indicator.



Need Paper Trimmer for Graphic Design Print Jobs

Posted by: Morgan on February 11th, 2010


Good afternoon,

I was reviewing your products and am not sure what would be the right products for my needs. I am a graphic designer and I also supply printing to my clients. I often need tickets and business cards cut, as well as other types of printed products.

Paper used 8.5″ x 11″ up to 12″ x 18″, 100 lb gloss, 70lb text, 20 lb, with and without coating, 1 – 40 pages 1 up to 12 up on a page with and without crop Tamerica GuilloMax Plus Manual Paper Cuttermarks. I want to be able to trim quickly and “accurately.” I need something that I can trim multiple pages with ease in a single cut.

I don’t have a lot of money. What items do you suggest?

Katherine R.


We recommend the Tamerica GuilloMax Plus Manual Paper Cutter. This is a precise stack cutter loaded with high-end features, and best of all it’s affordable. The GuilloMax Plus is a guillotine-style cutter, capable of cutting through 800 sheets of paper at once. That’s almost two reams of paper!

The cutter uses a unique laser guide to complete high-precision cutting jobs. The wheel-driven paper clamp, that holds your stack of paper firmly in place, looks much like a submarine hatch. This helps reduce slipping and cutting errors. The GuilloMax Plus is not only accurate, but very safe to use.


Deluxe Super Sealer Shrink Wrapper

Posted by: Morgan on February 10th, 2010


I’m interested in the “Super Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine – Deluxe Model.”‘ Will this be okay to wrap paper? — I create bound training manuals, approximately 200 pages each, that need to be wrapped individually (and sometimes in small groups). Thanks in advance for any information that youDeluxe Super Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine can provide.

Eric P.


The Deluxe Super Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine is an excellent and affordable method to wrap paper. We shrink wrap and archive several documents including old customer invoices on a frequent basis. This particular model is especially handy for shrink wrapping paper, and it’s easy to set up and use.

The Deluxe Super Sealer is a highly effective machine. You can select from five different Deluxe model sizes to meet your requirements. Each Deluxe shrink wrap machine comes complete with a starter roll of shrink film. The heat gun is also included and safe to use in most environments. It may be used for extended periods of time as well.


Spare Parts for FP-1(B) Single Hole Paper Punch

Posted by: Morgan on February 9th, 2010



We have recently purchased several of your FP-1(B) single hole paper punch. And several extra bits to go with them. We have really like the way they handle the work load we give them. However we have one that is beginning to bend on the plate where the bit hits.

FP-1(B) Single Hole PunchJust wondering if we can purchase spare plates for the punches. Will you please let me know if that would be an item we can purchase from you? If it is available, will you please forward part #/price, and how would be the best way to purchase that item.

Thank you,

Betty H.


Office Zone sells replacement parts and supplies for the FP-1(B) Single Hole Punch. You can order the parts through our service department. The FP-1(B) helps you punch through a wide variety of materials. This unusual device is rated as a high-capacity paper punch. This particular machine is ideal for punching through large stacks of paper.

You may also find that it works just as well with heat-sensitive materials. Traditional paper drills have a difficult time drilling through plastic-based substances including laminated documents, plastic, vinyl report covers and more.