I’m interested in the “Super Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine – Deluxe Model.”‘ Will this be okay to wrap paper? — I create bound training manuals, approximately 200 pages each, that need to be wrapped individually (and sometimes in small groups). Thanks in advance for any information that youDeluxe Super Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine can provide.

Eric P.


The Deluxe Super Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine is an excellent and affordable method to wrap paper. We shrink wrap and archive several documents including old customer invoices on a frequent basis. This particular model is especially handy for shrink wrapping paper, and it’s easy to set up and use.

The Deluxe Super Sealer is a highly effective machine. You can select from five different Deluxe model sizes to meet your requirements. Each Deluxe shrink wrap machine comes complete with a starter roll of shrink film. The heat gun is also included and safe to use in most environments. It may be used for extended periods of time as well.