I am thinking about buying the shrinkwrap machine. I do not know if your machine will be able to wrap 6 plastic bottles together and 8 small plastic bottles together. A friend of mine bought the system similar to yours [Compack 5800 Shrink Wrap System], but he has not been able to get the tighter and bubble free shrink, unless done it twice. I know shrink wrapping one individual item is easy, but not few bottles together. What do you advise.

Sameer M.


Yes, the Compack 5800 shrink wrap machine can wrap bottles together, all depending on their size. The best way to do this is to place the bottles in a Minipack FM Digit 77 Shrink Wrap Machineshallow cardboard tray before shrink wrapping. Trying to do this without the tray is possible, but takes much more time and patience … believe me, we’ve tried! If you absolutely cannot use a cardboard tray, then we recommend you try using something to hold the bottles together before the shrink wrap process. A rubber band works just fine, or you might try using packaging tape.

If you would like to get a better idea of what I am describing here, be sure to take a look at this brief video demonstration of the Minipack FM Digit 77 Shrink Wrap Machine in action. In the first segment, it shows you the ideal method of shrink wrapping plastic bottles together.